XRP, VeChain predicted to surge as NuggetRush gains GameFi spotlight

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Analysts forecast XRP to reach $5, VeChain to hit $0.60, and NuggetRush to emerge as a dark horse with a $1 price target in the upcoming bull market.

As the altcoin market recovers from its latest crypto crash, EGRAG, a top analyst, has shared an exciting forecast for Ripple (XRP). According to EGRAG, the next XRP move would be parabolic and could take the altcoin as high as $5.00.

Similarly, Ali Matinez has stated that if VeChain repeats its 2020 performance, it could skyrocket to a new all-time high above $0.60. NuggetRush is also one of the altcoins to watch, as its growing dominance in the GameFi space could drive its price as high as $1.00. 

NuggetRush pioneers new GameFi experience

The emergence of NuggetRush (NUGX) represents a significant milestone for the GameFi market thanks to its new gaming model. This new crypto mining game features several unique elements, including NFT staking, artisanal mining, meme culture, and social impact. 

NuggetRush will also be one of the few GameFi projects to hand out physical gold assets as rewards. Players who find the trending NFTs,  known as RUSHGEMs, within the virtual world can access this rare opportunity. Conversely, they can hold unto the RUSHGEM NFT and stake them for an APY of up to 20%.

In addition to pure entertainment and earning opportunities, NuggetRush also stands out as one of the top defi projects for its commitment to supporting charitable causes. The NuggetRush team has announced that a portion of its profit will be sent to poor artisanal miners in underdeveloped countries, making NUGX one of the top social tokens.

The unique nature of NuggetRush has earned it massive attention in the GameFi space, raising over $3.8 million in its crypto ICO. NUGX has also been listed on Uniswap at $0.020 ahead of its airdrop in less than a week. Given its potential, NUGX could peak above $1.00 in this bull market.

Ripple could peak above $5 

So far this year, Ripple has underperformed the crypto market, declining by 20% year-to-date. While the altcoin price has remained around the $0.500 level, crypto analyst, EGRAG, has shared a very optimistic outlook for XRP.

In sharing his analysis, EGRAG argued that the price of XRP could increase by a minimum of 1,000% in the next bullish move. EGRAG expects XRP to form a new all-time high above $5.00 soon. In a more bullish scenario, EGRAG expects XRP to increase as high as 3,000%. 

While his analysis is based on technical analysis, a settlement of the SEC case and Ripple IPO could provide a boost for XRP.

Historical patterns could see VeChain peak above $0.60

While VeChain (VET) has performed significantly better than Ripple, rising by 45% over the last 90 days, Ali Martinez says it could get better for the altcoin. According to Martinez, the current performance of VeChain closely resembles that of June to December 2020.

Martinez clarified that if the pattern is there to play out, then breaking over $0.032 on the channel could lead VET to a massive rally. If it happens, VET could make a fast break to $0.600 for yet another all-time high. At the current price level of $0.0400, this would be a surge of 15x.


The latest forecasts indicate that in this bull market, Ripple, VeChain, and NuggetRush all offer good buying opportunities. Although XRP and VET are among the top crypto coins, NuggetRush’s disruptive potential makes NUGX a coin with a clear advantage over them. Soon after the launch, NUGX could lead the cryptos in gains.

To learn more, visit the NuggetRush Presale website. 

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