XRP, Monero face hurdles while Rebel Satoshi’s presale excites investors

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As the SEC debates fines and restrictions on institutional sales of Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) experiences a downturn below $140, while Rebel Satoshi’s RBLZ coin is poised for exponential growth amid a surging meme coin market.

The SEC is asking for a $2 billion fine over the controversial sale of XRP tokens. Monero’s drop has continued despite the bullishness in the crypto market. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi’s growth has been sharp, and demand for its RBLZ token is increasing. That growth has also spurred high demand for RECQ, which is still in the early rounds of its presale. RBLZ’s next jump is said to be a huge one.

Rebel Satoshi’s RECQ token prepares for round one of its presale

After a successful mega presale, Rebel Satoshi decided to up the ante, introducing RECQ, a new token with utility purposes. Rebel Satoshi’s fame has skyrocketed.

Rebel Satoshi incorporates meme coin dynamics, capitalizing on the current meme coin boom. Furthermore, it also comprises multiple ways to earn wealth, thus incentivizing participation in its community. These avenues will help prove that decentralized communities can raise value for their members. RBLZ has already set an ambitious goal to reach a market capitalization of $100 million.

Rebel Satoshi offers NFT trading and play-to-earn gaming in its ecosystem. Community members can earn value by trading NFT pieces from its high-value collection. Users can also participate in coin staking, earning valuable APY rewards for helping to contribute to its security. The coin used for staking on Rebel Satoshi is RBLZ, a governance token that users can purchase on Coinstore, Uniswap, DEXTools, and CoinGecko. 

RBLZ has already surged by 150% during its presale, and experts say that this is only the beginning. They say that due to its utility, community, and memes, RBLZ will lead the meme coin rush this season. This makes RBLZ one of the leading altcoins.

Merchandise purchase and play-to-earn networks can be accessed using Rebel Satoshi’s new RECQ token. The network has yet to launch RECQ as it is still in the Early Bird round of its presale. It cost $0.0020. Yet, the next round of RECQ’s presale will push its value to $0.0037, an 85% increase from its current price. 

SEC asks Ripple to halt all XRP sales

The ongoing lawsuit over Ripple’s controversial XRP sales has taken a new dimension as the SEC asks for a $2 billion fine. The SEC is also asking Ripple Labs to halt XRP sales to institutional investors. 

Sentiments around the ongoing lawsuit could affect XRP’s performance in Q2 2024. XRP traded at $0.6019 in early March. Less than two weeks later, XRP rose by 19.2% to $0.718. It then fell by 18.6% to $0.5844 before recovering by 6.8% to $0.6246 by late March.

Analysts say Ripple Labs can appeal the SEC’s request to stop institutional sales of XRP. Some say that a swift end to the case might be beneficial to XRP’s performance. Furthermore, they agree that XRP might rise by 15.3% to $0.7204 in the second quarter of 2024. Still, few analysts can say XRP is a good crypto to buy now.

Monero remains bearish despite Bitcoin’s recovery

Bitcoin’s return to the $70,000 range has had little effect on Monero as its March decline continues. Despite surging to $150 in mid-March, Monero has lost its bullish momentum. Monero’s market capitalization has fallen by over $1 billion since early February.

XMR’s value stood at $142.99 at the start of the month. Two weeks later, It jumped by 5% to $150.22. Investors expected this rise to continue. However, XMR dropped sharply, falling by 10% to $135.06 by late March.

Monero’s decline followed a delisting from Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world. However, analysts say Monero’s recent upgrades could boost developer activity on its network. Furthermore, Monero is also looking for new listings and partnerships with crypto exchanges. Analysts say this move might bear fruits, pushing XMR’s value up by 11% to $149.98.

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