Would The Idea of You's Nicholas Galitzine Do an August Moon Concert?

Nicholas Galitzine Would Jump At August Moon Reunion Concert After The Idea of You Success

Nicholas Galitzine
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The Idea of You’s August Moon was clearly made to fill the void that was created by One Direction when they took their 2016 hiatus — but could the fictional boy band headline a real-life concert?

The Prime Video film, which is now streaming, follows August Moon boy band member Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) as he embarks on a secret romance with 40-year-old single mother Solène Marchand (played by Anne Hathaway). The couple meet at Coachella, fulfilling every fanfiction reader’s dream come true. Galitzine, 29, filmed and recorded several musical performances as part of August Moon alongside fellow bandmates Raymond Cham Jr., Viktor White, Dakota Adan and Jaiden Anthony.

However, Galitizine is the only one who contributed his own vocals. “My boys don’t sing, and I don’t dance very well,” the Mary & George star told Backstage in a profile published earlier this month. “So I’d say we’re a little bit against it in that respect.”

However, he won’t rule out an official August Moon concert. “That said, it isn’t a definite no. Any opportunity to hang out with the lads again, I’d jump at it.”

As the movie debuted on the streamer, an official soundtrack was released with songs “Taste,” “Dance Before We Walk,” “Closer,” “I Got You” and the instant fan hit “Guard Down.” Galitzine also sings on two solo tracks: “The Idea of You” and “Go Rogue.”

Nicholas Galitzine Would Jump At August Moon Reunion Concert After The Idea of You Success

The Idea of You
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The tracks have since taken over many boy band fans’ playlists.

“So who do we need to bully to get the august moon videos in full. I know they exist I need Teacher Nick in its entirety,” one X user wrote, sharing stills of the movie’s fake “Guard Down” video.

Another added, “I love August Moon. I wish they were real.”

And if there’s any doubt that August Moon was the perfect new boy band of our dreams, that’s because it was meant to be one. Savan Kotecha, who previously worked with One Direction, served as the film’s music supervisor and composed the tunes.

“We have to believe that this band was big enough to earn a spot at Coachella,” Kotecha told Variety. “That’s kind of where the structure began to manifest in a sense. ‘What would have been their very first single?’ That very young teeny bopper song that was on the radio? That was ‘I Got You’ — that’s like a throwback, August Moon song. ‘Taste’ is like their second big hit and both those are catchy pop songs that I could see a label handing off to a manufactured boyband. After that, the band gains a bit more control — the lyrics have more meaning, the sound is a bit edgier — that’s ‘Guard Down.’”

The Idea of You is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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