WH Reporters Explain Failure to Cover Biden's Issues More and It's a Scary Window Into Bias

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We’ve been reporting on the issues with Joe Biden for a very long time. 

But much of the mainstream media hasn’t been interested in doing their jobs and being honest about his condition. It’s more than a little disingenuous that some are acting like this is something only just discovered with the debate this past week. 

As our sister site Hot Air explained, CNN interviewed White House reporters on who dropped the ball here, and they claim the response was “complicated.” 

On the contrary, it’s not complicated at all. 

They had ample evidence. His appearances throughout the past three-plus years. We’re reporting on it virtually every day. Where were they? Check out their excuses.

The media has faced accusations that it has not covered Biden’s mental fitness more aggressively because it wants to prop up the campaign in some way – an accusation the White House reporters CNN spoke to denied.

Several White House reporters told CNN that the coverage of Biden’s age and his mental stamina should have pushed harder. They cited several difficulties in doing so before the debate – from the obvious political motivations of sources who either want to protect Biden’s image or project a certain image, to the blowback from pursuing such reports, especially from the White House and Democrats.

One reporter said they should have pushed more after the Hur Report came out and revealed, even there, that the Special Counsel wasn’t going to prosecute Biden because of his issues as an “elderly man” with a “poor memory.” 

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Oh, and check out this excuse. This is something else. 

Biden’s age was also a right-wing talking point for years, something the White House was quick to point out to reporters, which may have inadvertently turned off any serious investigation. For example, deceptively edited clips of Biden from the G7 spread widely by right-wing media figures were made to seem as though he was aimlessly “wandering off” from fellow world leaders when really, he was speaking to parachutists who had just landed during a demonstration. “The right-wing media was calling him senile from day one, and that wasn’t true,” the reporter said. “Then whenever you report on the age you were in some ways solidifying, giving credence to some people that were actually of bad faith.”

So, let’s break that all down. It sounds like they’re saying they didn’t want to push too hard because otherwise, they’d get “blowback” from the White House for daring to question them. And that they didn’t want to cover the “right-wing talking point” because they didn’t want to “solidify” those facts. 

That’s an excuse? It’s the fault of the right media for being right and reporting the facts? 

What this is, is really an admission as to exactly how ridiculously biased these people are. They not only didn’t cover the facts, but the liberal media attacked the “right wing” for reporting on them as recently as the G7, and they falsely claimed they were “cheap fakes” when they were factual videos. 

And that is the biggest problem of them all. 

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