WATCH: WH Counsel Spox's Pathetic Biden Defense, Bad Answer When Asked If They Will Release Hur Interview

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The White House is in true panic mode at this point, trying to clean up from the huge disaster that was the release of the Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report.

As we previously reported, the White House Counsel’s Office was so upset with how the report described Joe Biden’s mental capacity, that they had the temerity to demand Hur revise it. Can you imagine what the media would have done to former President Donald Trump had he demanded such a thing? He would have been excoriated, and they would have accused him of trying to interfere in the Special Counsel’s independent action. But there’s very little even written on what the White House Counsel did. 

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Biden Reacts to the Hur Report and It’s a Horror Show of Confusion, With a Damning Admission

The WH Counsel’s Office tried to do some cleanup during a briefing on Friday, and just like Joe Biden’s presser, they probably would have been better not to try, than present the pathetic defense that they did. It was truly a clown show; their defense was basically, “We disagree.” 

Spokesperson Ian Sams said Joe Biden takes “classified information seriously,” and he didn’t intentionally take classified documents. 

So then, how were they all over the place–including in his garage–for years? How could he be talking about them with the ghostwriter and not know they were there; that’s what Sams would somehow like us to believe. They’re really going to pretend that he didn’t know and blame it all on the staff. Astonishing. 

Then he claimed the Special Counsel said there was no case there. That’s also not exactly true. 

The Special Counsel found he willfully retained and disclosed classified materials implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods. Hur then decided not to pursue charges because of Biden’s issues. 

Sams then attacked Republicans for claiming there was a two-tiered system of justice, which is on display in this case. 

He claimed the GOP denigrated the rule of law thereby. He then proceeded to attack the Special Counsel claiming what he said about Biden was gratuitous and politically motivated, doing the very same thing of which he was accusing Republicans. But when he was cornered on that, he denied that he was doing that. 

His excuse for Biden’s issues? 

The funniest part was when he claimed the execrable Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) as a reference for Biden’s competence. 

They claimed that the Special Counsel’s daring to ask about his son was out of bounds. 

How about that he couldn’t remember when he was vice president? 

Sams just refused to admit that Biden had any memory losses, with what he said in the interview. 

Sams insisted after Biden “discovered” the problem, he did everything right to fix the problem. 

But, the report said he knew about classified documents, as well as the fact that he had classified information in his notebooks in 2017.  So if that’s true, then no, he didn’t return them or do the right thing; he’s had things for years. 

Sams played some hair-splitting games here. 

Reporters asked Sams a couple of natural questions. 

If you dispute the characterization of the interview, how about having the interview with the Hur team released?  

The dodging here is ridiculous. 

Translation: sounds like a no. 

Then this was the question everyone had: If you’re claiming the Special Counsel is wrong about Biden’s mental state, then why should we believe the other parts that charges shouldn’t be pursued? Sams’ answer was less than satisfactory. 

I think anyone listening to this mess just saw someone desperately trying to bail out the boat.

But it’s still sinking. 

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