WATCH: Rachel Maddow Flips Her Lid in Epic Rant About the Evil GOP and Danger of Questioning Elections

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We’ve written about some of the massive meltdowns over former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel being hired by NBC, which caused people to flip out. Of course, those same people had no problem with the network hiring folks like former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

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But let’s listen to Rachel Maddow’s tantrum on MSNBC as she explains why she’s upset and how she’s concerned about what she sees as the “project” of the GOP to question the results of elections. 

Wait, isn’t this the same network that brought us the Russia collusion hoax? 

Are we supposed to forget all the Democrats and leftist media who claimed that former President Donald Trump wasn’t legitimately elected? So if they don’t want to platform election deniers or people who question the results, then MSNBC should not put on all these people — including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. 

The Democrats would like us to forget all their election denialism going back decades, forget the 2017 inauguration riots by radical leftists — most of whom received no punishment — the efforts to suborn and threaten electors to vote for someone other than Trump, the challenges to the electoral count and the huge flock of Democrats who boycotted the inauguration.

Maddow claimed — without any evidence — this is priming people to “give up democracy,” that this was part of an “ongoing project to get rid of our system of government

Talk about spin and misinformation. She talks about “democracy.” It isn’t the Republicans trying to kick their political opponents off the ballot. It isn’t the Republicans trying to tie their political opponent up with lawfare. It wasn’t the Republicans trying to suppress things like the Hunter Biden laptop story. Yes, this is without all precedent and is a danger to our Constitutional Republic — but the danger isn’t posed by Republicans. 

Let’s also consider that when Trump wins, the epic tantrum and then the flip out that you will see yet again from the Democrats. Let me predict now how it will become your patriotic duty in the minds of Democrats to question that result. Then I look forward to Maddow telling us how, this time, it’s different. Bookmark this story. 

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