Under the Bus He Goes: Now Even Donna Brazile Questions Joe Biden's Fitness

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Joe Biden isn’t worried about his reelection chances.

OK, now before you all start pointing at the poll numbers and the increasing numbers of Democrats heading for the lifeboats on the sinking S.S. Joe Biden, let me qualify that: I think he isn’t worried about his reelection chances because I believe he has very little idea what’s really going on. If the last couple of weeks of watching his public appearances has shown us nothing else, it has shown us that. And speaking of those lifeboats, former DNC Chair Donna Brazile seems to be the latest prominent Democrat climbing over the rail.

She continued:

We know the stakes are very high. We know what’s on the line. Keeping control of the United States Senate, taking back the United States House, but at the same time, we also have to reassure, and the president is going to have to do it as well as those of us in the party, reassure the country, but more importantly, the delegates.

She also admitted that “there’s a lot of frustration” within her party right now.

She’s correct, of course; it’s a challenging time for the Democrats because they are out of good options to try to salvage this presidential contest.

A few days back I wrote a VIP piece (you can use promo code SAVEAMERICA for a 50% discount on a VIP membership that opens up tons of great content) on the notion that the best thing the Democrats might be able to do right now is to bow out. That’s right – bow out, concede this year’s presidential election, and adjust your thinking to having four more years of Trump, because, honestly, that’s probably going to be what happens anyway. If they took their four years in the political wilderness and concentrated on building a team that doesn’t just appeal to the welfare class, the urban cohorts, and coastal elites, then they may have some kind of a shot at 2028. I’m not normally one to offer advice to an opponent, mind you, but it’s not like the DNC is listening to me in any case. But more and more Democrats are literally jumping ship, and there’s no end in sight, protestations by some of the party faithful notwithstanding.

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‘What the Hell Are They Thinking?’ MSNBC Suspends Disbelief, Blasts Democrats Calling on Biden to Quit

Here’s the thing: Following the disastrous debate and the horrible George Stephanopoulos interview, it’s become impossible to hide, obfuscate, or ignore Joe Biden’s decline any longer. Oh, his family is circling the wagons; some Democrats are being conspicuously loyal, mostly those who think they have something to gain by staying in the good graces of the Biden family (think Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer here, who are looking enviously at the Resolute Desk). 

But when Donna Brazile is openly calling out the president’s decline…

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The S.S. Joe Biden was a leaky ship from the moment it entered the water. It’s grown more leaky and decrepit in the last few years, and on June 27, 2024, the leaky old tub hit an iceberg and started taking on water fast. The George Stephanopoulos interview put a round into the old tub’s hull, and now it’s flat-out sinking. Democrats are right to be worried. They are right to be heading for the lifeboats because continuing on their present course can only lead to a loss for the Democrats – and, we feel certain, a win for the Republic. 

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