Trainwreck: Kirby Admits Making False Statement About Who Was Informed Before Airstrikes on Militants

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Joe Biden’s administration is such a train wreck. 

We’ve seen so many failures because of their incompetence, be it domestic policy or foreign policy. 

One of the problems that we’ve reported on before is the way they have handled the response to the attacks from Iranian-backed militants. Part of the problem is the administration has cozied up to Iran and not taken the attacks on U.S. assets and forces seriously despite dozens of troops being injured. Then, three U.S. troops were killed. The Biden team said they would take action in response but came under justifiable criticism for telegraphing their moves to the Iranians beforehand, even listing possible areas they might target. That gave IRGC leaders the ability to flee from some of the areas. 


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Then, when the Biden team finally conducted airstrikes in response, there was a question of whether they really hit anyone of consequence, given the heads up. The Biden team said Friday’s strikes were just the start, and they intended to carry out more strikes against the Iran-backed militant. 

But there’s also news now that something White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told us about Friday’s strike wasn’t true. 

Kirby initially said that the Biden team told Iraqi leaders about the strike on the IRGC-related locations ahead of time. 

However, he was then contradicted by State Department deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel, who said on Monday that Iraqi leaders weren’t told ahead of time, as Kirby had claimed. Patel said they told Iraqi leaders after the strikes. 

So, on Tuesday, Kirby had to apologize to reporters for telling them something false on Friday.

Kirby released a statement about the confusion the same day, saying he was going off “information that I had been provided at the time.”

“I’m sure many of you saw the statement that I issued yesterday correcting what I had said Friday night about pre-notification to Iraqi officials on Friday night before the strikes that we took on facilities related to the Iran-backed militia groups,” Kirby told the press. “And I deeply apologize for the error, and I regret any confusion that it caused. It was based on information we had or that it was provided to me in those early hours after the strikes. Turns out that information was incorrect. And I certainly regret the error.”

“And I hope that you’ll understand there was no ill intent behind it, no deliberate intent to deceive, to be wrong. I take those responsibilities very, very seriously. And I deeply regret the mistake that I made.”

Incompetence or deception? Either way, it’s not good. At this point, because the Biden team is so untruthful about so many things, it’s hard ever to trust them on anything.

Either way, with these guys, it’s a continual clown show. 

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