This Denim Bodycon Suit Will Have All Eyes on You This Summer

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You might think that jeans are only for pants or skirts. But it’s oh so much more than that. You can cover yourself head to toe in denim, and it’s a super serve. Especially if you style it right. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do just that. There are plenty of full-body denim dresses that may look the part, but they’re exorbitantly expensive or don’t hit just right, you know. So that’s when you need a boilersuit!

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Yes, that’s right – or you might call it coveralls. Either way, this particular one is just $19 at Walmart. The Celebrity Pink Slim Fit Boilersuit is an affordable outfit that you might not think is super versatile at a glance, but if you give it a chance, it just might become your whole personality. This chic one-piece outfit makes getting dressed for the day super easy. Just unbutton it and shimmy into this slim-fitting jean look and you’re done for the day. It even has an elastic waistband to cinch you in a little more for a feminine waist!

Get the Celebrity Pink Slim Fit Boilersuit for just $19 at Walmart! 

It’s super soft, clings to your curves, and has two pockets so you can carry everything you need. It covers you up if you need a reprieve from the cold, but if you need to wear it with a tight tank top or crop top, you can do that too and leave the buttons undone for a sexy peekaboo look. And how cute is it from behind with the fun collar popped all the way up?

Get the Celebrity Pink Slim Fit Boilersuit for just $19 at Walmart!   

This might be one of the cutest outfits we’ve ever seen where denim is concerned. And for less than $20, which is more than you’ll pay for most pairs of jeans, you really can’t go wrong here. Give it a try at this price, and see if it doesn’t slowly start taking over your wardrobe. We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it just might.

Get the Celebrity Pink Slim Fit Boilersuit for just $19 at Walmart!   

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