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The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookThis Rec League comes from Katie!

Hi, I am requesting this for a coworker who was lamenting that there are no adult closed door queer romances, as everything closed door is either YA or adult but not actually a romance because it is full of pain and struggles (no HEA). I brainstormed for a while and could only come up with YA titles. Help!

Tara: Heather Rose Jones writes queer historical fantasy that fit the bill and are gorgeously written. Daughter of Mystery is a great place to start.

Ann McMan also closes the door or writes very short, not-at-all-detailed sex scenes. Beowulf for Cretins ( A | BN ) would be a good place to start with her.

I haven’t read anything by Amanda Radley, but she has a huge, loyal following in the sapphic reading community and she’s known for writing closed door romances.

Shana:  I second Amanda Radley, Humbug ( A | BN ) is one of my favorite Christmas romances.

A Tale of Two Florists by Brenna Bailey is an adorable closed romance between older heroines.

I feel like the sex in Legends & Lattes is very limited, and possibly closed door but I can’t quite remember.

Fall Into You by Georgina Kiersten is a closed door f/f novella that I enjoyed. And I’m pretty sure the m/m fantasy novel Witchmark by C.L .Polk is closed door.

Sarah: I’m hesitant because my memory is really not great at the moment, but wasn’t Helena Greer’s series starting with Season of Love a closed door?

Death in the Spires I believe is closed door but it’s a mystery more than other genres.

Lara, is The Shabti closed door as well?

Lara: Oh man, now we need to rely on pregnancy brain! As far as I can recall, it was closed door, or the sexy parts were really minimal/vague/implied. I remember that they went to bed, but I don’t think we find out much of what happens there.

Sarah: Between my post-COVID brain and your gestating brain, maybe we’ll remember all the things!

Maya: Yayyyyyy your pregnancy brain!

Which romances would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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