"The Outlet Was Leaking": Home Inspectors Are Sharing Photos Of The Worst Things They've Discovered

1.“Found this spout pointed directly at an exterior outlet.”

water drain on a house pointing down at an outlet

2.“There’s so many bees in the wall that the outlet is leaking honey.”

honey dripping from the outlet on a wall

3.“Shower much?”

shower drain raised and put in a corner

4.“This downstairs staircase does not actually let you get into the basement.”

staircase is blocking the door to the basement

5.“Bonus points for the guy who used single wooden board to ‘repair’ a massive crack in the ceiling.”

the crack in the ceiling and the wood plank attached like a band aid

6.Instead of fixing a leak, the previous owner of this home decided to just pile up some old T-shirts to soak up any water.

balled up shirts

7.“The previous owners were told there was insulation in the roof. Well, they’re not wrong.”

3 bags of insulation that were never opened or applied to the house

8.“My brother is a home inspector. This find is definitely going in his report.

a grenade that's been painted over hanging on the wall

9.“The power line to their house got cut short. So they fixed it with jumper cables.”

jumper cables hanging off the roof and attached to the power lines

10.“It’s been a while since we audibly gasped during an assessment. This is fungus and the entire structure needs to be replaced.”

long strips of fungus attached to the foundation

11.“Door to the basement that had been filling with moisture and mold for who knows how many decades.”

door is completely covered in black mold

12.“Need some electrical work done? I know a guy.”

outlets and plus with chords connected

13.“This bathroom exhaust vent was covered by a single shingle. Not sure how much venting it’ll actually do…”

hand lifting up the shingle that's covering the ventilation

14.“Came across this today. Well, that’s one way to die.”

electric outlet placed on a tile in the bathtub

And finally…

15.“Found out through home inspection that the toilet is plumbed with hot water. That’ll make your sh*t boil, literally.”

heat camera showing the water is hot

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