Telegram founder: Hamster Kombat token will be launched on TON

Telegram founder Pavel Durov supported the Hamster Kombat clicker game and announced the imminent release of the project’s token on the TON blockchain. 

Durov says a new era is coming, the advent of which “we are witnessing its arrival in real-time.” However, He did not name the exact date of release of the Hamster Kombat token on TON or specify its ticker.

“Soon, Hamster’s team will mint its token on TON, introducing the benefits of blockchain to hundreds of millions of people. A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real time.”

Pavel Durov, Telegram founder

He noted that 239 million users subscribed to the Hamster Kombat app in just three months. Durov pointed out that four to five million new users join the game daily, making it the fastest-growing digital service in the world.

“It took Hamster only 73 days to reach 100 million monthly users. Each day, 4-5 million new users join Hamster Kombat, making it the fastest-growing digital service in the world.”

Pavel Durov, Telegram founder

Durov called the game “the latest Internet phenomenon everyone’s talking about” and the leader of the “new wave of mini apps” in the messenger. He says Hamster Kombat’s surprising growth “shows the viral potential” of Telegram.

The Hamster Kombat team uses the TON blockchain to generate and distribute tokens. TON wallets will also be integrated with the gaming platform, providing Toncoin with additional utility.

Durov praises the hamster

Previously, Durov also shared a video about the new Telegram update. The messenger now has a panel into which users can compactly minimize mini-applications. Channel owners also gained access to rewards in Toncoin (TON) through special Telegram Stars.

In the video of the messenger’s founder, Hamster Kombat stands out clearly as an example of a mini-app that can be minimized. This detail immediately attracted the community’s attention. 

What is Hamster Kombat

The clicker game Hamster Kombat launched in March this year. According to the plot, the hamster becomes a significant figure in the crypto exchange and tries to upgrade it. The mechanics are simple: users tap on a virtual hamster, receiving one virtual coin for each click. The developers promised that these coins could be converted into cryptocurrency after the game was promoted.

Players need to click on the hamster on the screen to earn coins, which can be used to purchase bonuses and increase their earnings. The plot follows a rodent who becomes the CEO of a fictional crypto exchange and strives to lead it to success by investing in marketing, licenses, experts, new products, and more.

The game thrives on the viral effect, encouraging players to invite friends. This not only increases the user base but also brings rewards for each friend users invite.

According to indirect evidence, Eduard Gurinovich, the co-founder of CarPrice and CarMoney, is related to the game Hamster Kombat. The Bell’s sources also claim that Telegram, where Hamster Kombat appeared, is among the game’s beneficiaries.


The project team confirmed information about the distribution of free coins during the broadcast on X. Hamster Kombat airdrop promises to be one of the most anticipated events of the summer of 2024 for gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Although the exact date for the airdrop has not yet been announced, it is expected to occur in July.

There has yet to be exact information about the size of the airdrop for a specific category of players. However, one thing is known: unlike Notcoin (NOT), where players receive 1 NOT for every thousand in-game coins, the Hamster Kombat team plans a different system.

At the beginning of June, the developers said that the upcoming airdrop would depend on profit per hour and some other activity parameters, not on the balance of coins. This means that saving a considerable number of coins is pointless. Instead, players are better off investing all their funds in cards to increase passive income.

Representatives of Hamster Kombat also noted that gameplay will not stop before or after listing. According to the project roadmap, the developers plan to introduce many updates.


The game has already gone through three stages: negotiations with exchanges, negotiations with market makers, and key partnerships.

At the beginning of the week, the Hamster Kombat team updated the project roadmap, making several important announcements for July. In particular, this month, the developers plan to release a native token and introduce gaming utilities.

Source: Hamster Kombat website

In addition, a gaming utility for the token will be presented in July, which implies various options for using the asset within the gamefi ecosystem. Thus, the Hamster Kombat team will try to make the project more attractive to users, maintaining its popularity.

Crypto exchanges such as Bitget and KuCoin have already announced the launch of the HMSTR premarket. Presales have already opened on 

What’s next?

Thanks to the functionality presented in the Hamster Kombat app, users can enjoy the game and earn crypto while learning the basics of crypto exchanges.

These mechanics could become a determining factor for the entire industry in 2024 until some new trend replaces it. However, only high-quality projects with solid communities can maintain their positions when the market becomes more saturated.

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