Taylor Swift Inspires Heartfelt Super Bowl Ad About Dads and Daughters

Taylor Swift is the muse for Cetaphil’s touching Super Bowl LVIII ad involving a daughter and dad bonding over football.

“Dads and daughters everywhere have gotten closer because of a certain globe-trotting eras singer screaming from the football sidelines, and we’re here for it. 😉,” Cetaphil wrote via YouTube on Friday, February 9. “So this season, we’re inviting dads and daughters to get closer to each other’s worlds – daughters sharing their love for skincare and dads sharing their love for the game.”

The video begins with a teenage girl scrolling on her phone with headphones on as her dad watches a football game. The father later tries to bond with her by showing a clip on his phone, but the daughter remains uninterested.

The girl then walks up to her room and sits at her vanity to apply some moisturizer to her face. In the background, she hears a football announcer insinuate that Swift, 34, is at the game, which leads the daughter to go downstairs.

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“Well folks there she is, here to support,” the announcer exclaims. “The most famous fan of the game.”

The daughter stumbles upon her dad watching his team play, and he smiles as she enters the room. He later surprises his daughter with a gift: her own red jersey with the number 13 emblazoned on the front, referencing the color of Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s team the Kansas City Chiefs, and the pop star’s favorite number. She accepts the present and he puts on some of her moisturizer under his eyes similarly to how football players rock eye black.

After putting on the jersey she heads downstairs to spend quality time with her dad. He pulls her into the hug and shows off his newest accessory: several friendship bracelets, reminiscent of the jewelry fans famously exchange at Swift’s concerts.

“This season, dads and daughters found a new way to connect,” a title card reads while noting that the duo featured in the clip was a real father-daughter duo from New York.

Since Swift began dating Kelce, 34, in summer 2023, she’s become a staple in the NFL as she’s attended several games to support the tight end

Taylor Swift Inspires Heartfelt Super Bowl Commercial About Dads and Daughters Bonding Over Football

Cetaphil Super Bowl Commercial
Courtesy of Cetaphil

Many of Swift’s fans have tuned into the sport to catch a glimpse of the Grammy winner. NBC Sports reported that viewership among teen girls jumped 53% when Swift attended the Chiefs game against the New York Jets in October 2023.

While the NFL has been all in on the “Swift effect” some fans have taken to social media to express their frustration over Swift’s presence. Despite the backlash, many have come to Swift’s defense including the commissioner Roger Goodell.

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“I think it’s great to have her a part of it,” he said during a press conference ahead of the Super Bowl. “It creates a buzz, it creates another group of young fans — particularly young women — that are interested in seeing, ‘Why is she going to this game? Why is she interested in this game?’”

Late night host Seth Meyers also voiced his support for Swift and Kelce while noting the actual football broadcast only shows “11 minutes of actual gameplay.”

“This is such an innocent All-American thing: They’re kissing on the field after he wins the big game and she’s celebrating with his mom and dancing along with family,” he said during a January episode of his Late Night With Seth Meyers talk show. “How can you be mad at that?”

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