Solana flatlines, whales flow into Rebel Satoshi presale

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Solana (SOL) is fluctuating, while Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ) is gaining traction in its presale. The project aims to bring together crypto enthusiasts who are against centralization. 

Bonk whales team up to establish a “Ycombinator” for Solana

Bonk DAO, a group of influential figures, plans to allocate $500,000 from its treasury for an early-stage startup fund to support projects building on Solana. 

Meanwhile, SOL is down, sliding 2.4% in early February. 

Some experts are bullish on SOL, but others are concerned about dwindling activity and overall market sentiment. 

Recusants Round 5 presale round incoming

The Rebel Satoshi presale is gaining traction, selling over 123 million RBLZ. 

The ongoing Monarchs Round 4 offers RBLZ at $0.022 per token, with Recusants Round 5 set to follow shortly. 

The appeal of Rebel Satoshi goes beyond potential profits, encompassing the multifaceted utility of RBLZ as an investment medium and a gateway to engaging quests, rewards, and a dynamic community.

When the project launches on Feb. 29, RBLZ will be available for $0.025. 

Rebel Satoshi is committed to transparency. Its smart contracts have been audited by Source Hat.

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