Solana, Arbitrum, and Milei Moneda show maximum bull run gains

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Market experts forecast significant gains for Solana ($435.99), Arbitrum ($5.38), and Milei Moneda as lucrative investments for 2024’s bull market.

Solana (SOL) rebounds as the meme coin market receives a boost. Meanwhile, Arbitrum (ARB) attempts to reverse its losses after losing 38% of its value over the past year. On the other hand, experts tip Milei Moneda (MEDA) to be a leading meme coin in the upcoming bull run. 

Solana gains 25% in seven days

Solana has basically changed its narrative from a year ago. The SOL token has gained a massive 1541% since its lowest point in 2023. Most of SOL’s 2024 surge has been attributed to the explosion of Solana memecoins.

These meme coins led the last rally, gaining massively in the process. However, after a price correction that saw SOL fall below $130, the token is on the ascendancy again.

Once again, the meme coins are a part of the story. Top Solana-based meme coins like WIF and BONK have risen 52% and 107% in the past seven days, respectively. Meanwhile, SOL has gained 25% in the past week. 

Analysts predict a further surge to $435.99 for SOL during the imminent bull run, making Solana one of the altcoins to watch.

Arbitrum could experience significant surge 

ARB is currently 38% below its price a year ago. Experts have attributed this to Arbitrum’s regular token unlocks, which have kept its price low. The last token unlock saw a whopping 1.1 billion ARB tokens released into the market. 

However, ARB recently gained some ground during the last rally, but all that gain was lost in the price correction that followed. However, ARB is on the rise again in the wake of the Bitcoin Halving. Nevertheless, analysts say ARB might be one of those cryptos that could benefit from the expected post-Halving bull run. 

ARB has already gained a modest 10% in the past week. Moreover, analysts say the token can pump to $5.38 in the impending 2024 bull run.

Milei Moneda wields potential for post-launch surge

Milei Moneda has become popular because of its lucrative presale. The presale is currently in Stage 2, and MEDA is available for purchase at $0.0125. Interestingly, Stage 1 investors have already made a 25% profit. They will earn a 100% gain when the project launches on Uniswap at $0.020 on May 21, 2024. Moreover, Stage 2 participants will also make a 60% profit. 

Furthermore, analysts say Milei Moneda has the potential to be one of the top meme coins in the upcoming bull run. One of MEDA’s characteristics that make this possible is its relatively small supply for a meme coin. The token has a fixed supply of 500 million. 

Another factor is the plan to burn 5% of this supply, further driving scarcity and increasing the likelihood of rapid price gain. After considering these factors, experts advise investors to buy and hodl MEDA to enjoy these predicted gains. 

Importantly, investors can be rest assured about the integrity of their funds in Milei Moneda. The project protects their funds through smart contract audits, locked liquidity, and zero team allocations. These features contribute to Milei Moneda’s reputation as the leading new crypto.


Once again, Solana meme coins are driving SOL’s price upwards, and analysts are bullish on the token’s prospects. Moreover, Arbitrum relies on its high Bitcoin correlation for a predicted surge. Furthermore, Milei Moneda offers both immediate and future surges, and experts urge investors to take advantage of the opportunity.

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