Slip on This Casual Romper Dress and Rock Its Plunging Neckline This Summer

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Summer is the best time to let it all hang out. Okay, so maybe not everything. But it’s the perfect time to wear those flowy dresses and have fun in the sun. Bust out a skirt that’s a little shorter than you might normally wear! Try out a deep neckline! And most importantly, save some cash while you do it. Right now, you can save big on a great dress from Walmart that you’ll want to adopt as your official summer look. It’s going to cost you less than $20, too.

The Somer V-Neck Tie-Front Dress is just $15 at Walmart, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner. It’s a bit shorter than some of the others you might have in your closet, but the deep plunge is the star of the whole show. It looks something like a robe mixed with a swim cover-up, but it’s a fun and cheeky dress that you won’t want to hang up until summer has come and gone. You’ll love the particularly fun corded waist and the lacy sleeves and stitching around the neck.

Get the Somer V-Neck Tie-Front Dress for just $15 at Walmart! 

You’ll want to wear this look while lounging out by the pool, or running some casual errands on bright, sunny days. You can pair it with fun, flirty sandals and some big sunglasses, and even style your hair into big, luscious waves to complete the look. You’ll wonder how such a fun, relaxing, and luxe dress can go for so cheap at Walmart, but as we’ve been telling you, you don’t want to sleep on Walmart for affordable dress deals all season long.

Get the Somer V-Neck Tie-Front Dress for just $15 at Walmart! 

Itching for something a little different to rock this summer? Be sure to grab this V-neck tie-front dress for just $15. But be quick about it, because deep discounts like these don’t last long. You won’t want to be skipped out on here when you can score such a fun look at an affordable price, that’s for sure.

Get the Somer V-Neck Tie-Front Dress for just $15 at Walmart! 

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