Seriously? Chicago's Mayor Blames Dick Nixon for His City's Rampant Gun Violence

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I’m not a fan of Lyndon B. Johnson. He and his retention of Robert McNamara as Secretary of Defense and the chief architect of the Vietnam War, along with their frustratingly idiotic Rules of Engagement, caused thousands of American casualties. Johnson was a product of a corrupt political system that had echoes of Tammany Hall corruption. He won his first bid for national office through blatant election cheating and was an unrepentant bully and a liar. But for Democrats, LBJ remains a hero. Why? Because he stewarded the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  

The Civil Rights Act was a noble idea. On paper, it outlawed discrimination based on race. Then in the same year, Johnson declared a war on poverty that had little effect lifting the poor out of poverty but created a dependency state that still exists today. Fifteen trillion dollars later, America has little to show for the effort – other than a 60-year-old dependency state. Much like the war in Vietnam, Johnson’s war on poverty was lost before it began.  

When Johnson decided to bail on a run for a second term, Richard Nixon was elected in an electoral landslide. Nixon’s legacy on civil rights is generally forgotten because his presidency is stained and defined by Watergate. What did Nixon’s administration do on civil rights?  

Nixon increased funding to historically black colleges, growing from $75 million in 1969 to $600 million by 1972. 

The Emergency School Aid Act, with $1.5 million and a goal of ending school segregation, was not a Johnson program. It was started by Nixon.  

Executive orders calling for the federal government to apply equal-opportunity policies in federal personnel policies and practices were Nixon’s. Nixon allocated $12 million for sickle-cell anemia research. During his first term, federal purchases from black-owned businesses grew 900 percent. Under Johston’s term, it was under $13 million. Under Nixon’s administration, it grew to $142 million. 

Nixon had his faults, but he seemed to be “all-in” on trying to right some of the nation’s mistakes regarding race relations and biases.   

Only dolts would claim that Nixon did nothing on that matter or, worse, caused a further schism. One would have to be a complete imbecile to claim that black men gunning each other down in Chicago is the fault of Richard Nixon. Nonetheless, I offer you the man residing in Chicago’s mayor’s office, Brandon Johnson.  

Sister Todjah noted just six months into his term that Johnson showed evidence of being even more inept than his predecessor, Mayor Lightfoot.   

As non-woke types predicted, however, Johnson has – incredibly – been even worse than Lightfoot, with a soft-on-crime approach to teen repeat offenders and an incoherent strategy for dealing with the illegal immigrant influx that has frustrated residents beyond belief, leading to some rather heated public meetings.  

Johnson’s knee jerked so hard it hit him in the mouth. He blamed racism and, of course, Republicans for his own mismanagement of illegal aliens flooding into his sanctuary city.    

Johnson is facing some of the worst approval ratings of any Chicago mayor in modern history. And as a result, he’s doing what any good little woke Democrat would do: Blame so-called “right-wing extremists/racists” for his failed leadership of the Windy City.

Now, six months later and a full year into his tenure, Johnson has a new bogeyman, but this time, it’s a dead Republican, Richard Nixon. Johnson tearfully praised LBJ and blamed Nixon for the city’s out-of-control gun violence. Eighteen dead over the weekend, with about 90 more being sent to hospitals instead of the morgue, but Johnson carries no blame — it’s Nixon’s fault. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could capture that genie and get past the baseless use of playing hackneyed race cards? Not really a surprise we can’t with elected officials making baseless claims. Unfortunately, when incompetent dolts like Johnson are elected, their only play seemingly is pulling the race card. Blaming a dead man who hasn’t been in office for a half-century seems to be a new low – even for Johnson. It’s also historically ignorant — but facts rarely matter. At least not to Brandon Johnson.     

Reminder: Johnson was a schoolteacher.  

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