Sen. John Kennedy's Crude Joke About Kamala Harris Is Full-On Racist, People Say

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) took a crude jab at Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday that many deemed racist. (Watch the video below.)

In an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, the senator slammed the Biden Administration’s border policies while getting downright personal with Harris.

He said Americans “have concluded that Vice President Harris is not capable, that when her IQ gets to 75, she should sell,” he said.

MacCallum did not react to the joke but people on social media did, callingitracist,” “misogynistic,” “disgusting and unnecessary” and “hateful.”

Kennedy tried to soften his slur by adding, “Again I’m not saying that’s fair or accurate but that’s the conclusion today that the American public have reached.”

The right-wing lawmaker recently came under fire for bigotry aimed south of the border.

“Without the people of America, Mexico, figuratively speaking, would be eating cat food out of a can and living in a tent behind an Outback,” the GOP lawmaker said.

His comment to MacCallum wasn’t the first time he made a dubious remark about Harris either.

“I would say the vice president needs to work on being a little more articulate,” he said in July. “Some might say that based on her performances that English is not her first, second, third, or even fourth language.”


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