REPORT: Jill Biden Melting Down at People Who Want Joe to Step Aside

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As we reported Joe Biden’s effort to redeem himself from his debate debacle hasn’t been going well. His interview on ABC was a train wreck. The response was just brutal, with even ABC host Jon Karl saying it failed to reassure anyone and it just added fuel to the fire. 

Biden’s denialism disturbed even more people as he refused to accept the dire position he was in, what anyone was saying if they weren’t supporting him staying in or the polls. That prompted one House Democrat to say that he was completely “insulated from reality” and pollster Nate Silver to say that they should be working on a plan to transition to Kamala Harris in the next 30-60 days. 

People were stunned at his denialism, but that’s been a feature of Biden’s for a very long time. Perhaps it’s worse with the cognitive decline, but it’s part of his whole makeup and it’s impacted the decisions he’s made in the office. 

We saw it after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, where he refused to admit that any mistakes were made. He lied about getting Americans out and then left hundreds behind, along with thousands of allies. And now in the debate, he was even denying the deaths of the 13 service members who were killed because of his poor planning. 

He is a truly twisted and broken human being. 

Instead of listening to anyone with sense telling him to step aside, he appears to be relying on a “very tight inner circle” in the words of George Stephanopoulos. I wrote earlier about that “very tight circle” said to be three people who had thrown up a bubble around Biden, like “Weekend at Bernies” and including the man referred to as Jill’s “work husband,” Anthony Bernal. 

According to Martha Raddatz, administration officials are telling her that that very tight inner circle is telling them that he can win, that he needs to keep going. 

“This includes his wife, Jill, who they said is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race,” she said. 

Looks like the media is throwing them under the bus at this point. Oh, and notice they didn’t refer to her as “Dr. Biden” either, that appears to have gone out the window. 

It says again that Madame Iron Fist doesn’t want to give up the seat of power no matter how much it embarrasses the man she claims to love or how much it endangers the nation. If she wanted the position for attention, she’s certainly got that now, but it’s all negative. So that’s ironic, she’s going to go down in history as a horrible human being. 

Without media protection, they’re just thrust more into the light as the deficient, craven characters they truly are and it’s an ugly look. And it says something that ever after all this, they think they can take people in again, enough to vote for Biden. He’s not the only one who’s living in denial. 

The news did not go over well with people including journalist Megyn Kelly who termed it “sick.” 

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