Pritzker Gets Caught in Hot Mic Moment Talking About Biden Mess As More Trouble Arises

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At this point, many Democrats are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The mainstream media is finally reporting on President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and confirming the emperor has no clothes. Now they should be telling him to step aside if they care about the country. But the problem? He doesn’t want to and the replacements aren’t projected to do any better. So, if they’re calculating how they can remain in power, they don’t know what to do. 

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is sometimes mentioned as a possible replacement. Pritzker has been a big surrogate for Biden and he came out in support of Biden after the debate debacle. But he revealed some of this dilemma when he was caught on a hot mic talking to someone at a crime-fighting event in Chicago on Wednesday. 

“I mean, we’re just going to keep fighting. I don’t know what to say. You know, got to do what we have to do,” Pritzker told the man. 

“I don’t like where we are,” Pritzker said. 

Gee, maybe if you’d put up a decent candidate instead of the empty shell, given all the evidence you had he was a problem, you wouldn’t be in this mess now. You deserve all the difficulty you guys are going to get.

Pritzker’s spokesperson confirmed to NBC Chicago that he was talking about the discussion over Biden as the nominee. 

Whoops. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his candidate. But it shows just what confusion is going on behind the scenes and how even Biden’s seemingly biggest supporters are not happy campers. George Clooney name-checked Pritzker as a possible replacement when he called on Joe Biden to step aside in his op-ed on Wednesday. 

One of the biggest potential problems for the Democrats after the debate debacle is donors pulling back and the money drying up. Now, more trouble is arising. They had to cancel a big Chicago fundraiser because, according to CBS, people weren’t sure how to move ahead in regard to Biden. 

Pritzker tried to argue it wasn’t going to be a worry while also noting “everything was fluid.”

The governor’s hot mic moment comes on the same day the Biden campaign pulled the plug on a fundraiser that was set to be held in Chicago next month, according to CNN.  

“I think everything’s fluid right now,” Pritzker told reporters Wednesday when asked about the report.

“I honestly think the president is doing a fine job of raising money. You see all the money that they’ve raised online for the Biden-Harris campaign. I know of fundraisers that are ongoing,” he added. “So any rumor that you may have heard about something like that, I think, is overblown.”

What Pritzker is saying is bunk. So much for anything he has to say. 

As we’ve reported, Biden’s fundraising has fallen off a cliff and he seems to have big donors backing away all over the place. Biden can be stubborn and try to hold out, but the one thing that will kill the remainder of whatever campaign he has is a lack of money. 

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