‘Precious’ puppy found malnourished and abandoned in porta-potty rescued by shelter

An Indiana shelter is caring for a puppy who was found malnourished and abandoned in a porta-potty.

The puppy was given the name “Louie,” which means “famous warrior,” according to a Saturday, May 4, Facebook post by Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.

Louie is 8 weeks old and was found by a Fort Wayne city employee abandoned in a porta-potty, shelter officials said.

“This sweet boy was malnourished with his rib cage and spine showing, had urine-stained paws and overgrown nails, and was quite scared,” shelter officials said.

Louie was placed on a slow feeding plan and given the “gentle love and care he deserves,” according to officials.

He was sent to a foster home where he can gain weight, receive care and be around loving humans and other dogs.

“This precious boy has been a little wiggly angel despite being failed by the person that was supposed to care for him. Once his excitement for you calms down, he loves curling up in your warm lap. What a testament to how forgiving animals can be,” officials said.

Louie is not yet up for adoption, but the shelter says it will post updates.

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