Police Visited 'Saw' Editor After Neighbors Thought He Was Torturing People

Police Visited Saw Editor After Neighbors Thought He Was Torturing People
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Working on footage from Saw X nearly got an editor in trouble with the police after concerned neighbors heard screams coming from his house.

Director Kevin Greutert detailed how editor Steve Forn learned a lesson about working from home, telling NME on Friday, September 29, “There was a knock at the door. We have the doorbell [camera] video of the police walking up, [Steve answering the door] and the police saying, ‘The neighbors [have been] calling and saying someone’s being tortured to death in here.’”

Forn explained to the authorities that he was editing a scene where a character tries to escape from an eye vacuum trap.

“He was like, ‘Actually, I’m just working on a movie. You can come in and see it if you want?’” Greutert added. “The cops started laughing. They said, ‘We want to but, you know, you’re alright.’ It must have been a pretty realistic performance!”

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Greutert went on to poke fun at his coworker’s unfortunate experience, saying, “It’s a pretty funny story. Plus, Steve is such a mild-mannered guy. I can only imagine the look on his face when he realized what was happening.”

Police Visited Saw Editor After Neighbors Thought He Was Torturing People
Ivan Meza/Lionsgate

The Saw franchise, which launched in 2004, is known for brutal murder scenes and terrifying psychological buildup as serial killer John “Jigsaw” Kramer unleashes hell on his victims. The film franchise initially concluded in 2010 but three movies have since been released.

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Saw X debuted in theaters late last month as the titular character heads to Mexico to treat his cancer. However, things take a turn when Jigsaw realizes his treatment center is a scam and promptly gets his revenge the only way he knows how.

Greutert recently reflected on how being involved with Saw from the very beginning influenced his career.

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“I think I was more experienced in every way from doing these different kinds of films,” he told Fangoria on Friday. “Coming back to this, I was like ‘I got this.’ There are flaws that may be present in the earlier Saw movies I did, as I’m sure there are with this one, but I had a much better grasp on the kinds of coverage I needed to get as I was directing, interacting with and casting actors that could deliver the intensity that made the traps believable. I’m also more experienced as an editor, so I was able to better craft the film the way I wanted it.”

Saw X is currently playing in theaters.

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