Pathetic Delusion – the Democrat Operatives at NBC News Wail When a Republican Joins the Roster

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It has been a captivating development the past few days as we watch the machinations in the media after it was announced former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel was signing on with NBC News. The deposed party leader who resigned in shame (thanks to RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar’s investigating) was to be a featured commentator for the upcoming electoral season, but the blending of a Republican and NBC News has been akin to mixing petroleum and dihydrogen monoxide. 

It took little time for MSNBC to come out and announce McDaniel would not be appearing on the cable news channel. The distemper her hiring has caused was on full display on Sunday’s “Meet The Press,” where Ronna was to appear for an interview with new hostess Kristen Welker. As a preamble to their sit-down, Welker delivered this under the guise of full disclosure. She explained their interview had been scheduled weeks earlier, ahead of her hiring by the network, but this intro from Welker plays almost like a warning to viewers.

The “don’t blame me” subtext was a nice touch, Kristen. After they spoke, Welker hosted a panel to discuss the interview (because watching McDaniel speak for herself was not enough; we need to be told what it all means.) As Bonchie detailed, in attendance was the man Welker replaced on this program, the repeatedly demoted Chuck Todd, and it is very evident Todd was not pleased. After sniping about Welker being placed in a tough position due to the timing of things, Todd went full-on oblivious in his complaining about Ronna getting any kind of position at the network.

There’s a reason why there’s a lot of journalists at NBC News uncomfortable with this. I don’t know what to believe. She is a paid contributor at NBC News. So I have no idea if any answer she gave to you was because she did not want to mess up her contract. She wants us to believe she was speaking for the RNC, when the RNC was paying for her. So she has – she has credibility issues that she has to deal with.

Now Chuckles did not say who the journalists were at NBC News who were uncomfortable with this hiring, besides himself. But one needs to ask if he – or these others – were ever uncomfortable with the hiring of these names at NBC News who have a resume polluted with work on Democratic Party staffs:

  • Chuck Todd / Tom Harkin campaign

  • Jen Psaki / Biden Press Secretary

  • Symone Sanders / spokesperson for Kamala Harris

  • David Plouffe / Barack Obama campaign manager

  • Laura Jarrett / daughter of Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett

  • Alicia Menendez / daughter of Dem. Senator Bob Menendez

  • Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill

As for credibility issues, hearing this lecture from Chuck Todd of all people is intolerable. He has long been a left-leaning hack of a pundit, and his wife is Democrat strategist Kristian Denny Todd. She co-founded Maverick Strategies, a Democrat-favored firm that was hired for campaigns. Her outfit earned over $1.3 million from the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016. Additionally, the couple staged a bundling gathering inside their home for another candidate you could be familiar with in the past.

While many are watching Ronna contort herself and attempt to justify things to the extent her logic would require mustard, the network itself is looking no better. When its stable of former Democrat operatives find it intolerable when a lone Republican operative is brought on, it speaks clearly to the slanted foundation at NBC News. It becomes pathetic when the people who want to lecture us about how things are corrupt cannot even see how they blatantly appear to the general public.

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