Our Fascination With the Titanic as Explained by an Expert

Us Weekly sat down with Ross Mumford (E/M Group Education Coordinator and former fourth grade teacher) for an inside look at why people of all ages are still so fascinated by the most famous ship in history.

Why is it so important for you to teach Titanic history to your fourth graders?
The story of Titanic is something that is completely intergenerational and touches on so many different topics – whether you’re fascinated about engineering or mathematics, the science of the build or the sinking, or fascinated by personal accounts and personal stories. I think at the heart of Titanic is this human connection point that can cause wonderful moments for students where they take this topic and find their own personal connection to it.

Why do you think we still connect to the Titanic so much?
I think at the core of it, there’s so much mystery and unknowing that comes around for the topic of Titanic. I think a lot of my colleagues and I will say that one question will lead to another question, will lead to another question. And I see the same thing happens in the classroom where they just want to know more.

There’s still so much that we don’t know about the Titanic, and I know that we have these expeditions coming up. What are they hoping to find?
Through these expeditions and the expedition coming up in July, we have the opportunity to take high resolution imaging of the ocean floor and really take a look at what is down there and be able to make targeted efforts for recoveries later.

How does one get involved in the upcoming expedition?
I would always direct someone to go to our website, Expedition.DiscoverTitanic.com. There’s information about the expedition there, where you can become a member and get exclusive virtual access to the expedition including interviews and footage. I highly encourage you to look there. If you are on social media, go to our different social media channels. We’ll have updates there and ways to get involved too for those who are in the classroom and wanting to bring Titanic into your own classroom. We have materials and curriculum also on our website, and we are creating new and more materials that will be coming out later this year.

Join RMS Titanic, Inc.’s digital community at Member.DiscoverTitanic.com. In addition to Expedition exclusives, you’ll receive loads of member benefits. Don’t forget to visit Expedition.DiscoverTitanic.com for more info.

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