NYPD Sargeants Benevolent Assoc. to City Council Members: Don't Come to Slain Officer's Funeral

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The president of the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association, Vincent J. Vallelong, warned city council members that their presence would not be welcomed at Saturday’s scheduled funeral for Jonathan Diller, the 31-year-old officer who was slain in the line of duty in Queens Monday evening. The alleged perp, who shot the officer during a routine traffic stop, had 21 prior arrests and should have been languishing behind bars, not committing crimes on the streets of NYC.

The death was “preventable,” an angry Vallelong wrote Wednesday.


New York’s Soft-on-Crime-Policies Once Again on Display As Cop Is Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

Vellelong charged that the city council has been consistently anti-police and created a situation like this was all but certain to happen eventually:

“The Council members who are vehemently and inexplicably against public safety are responsible for the carnage in the streets and the heartbreak brought about by PO Diller’s completely avoidable death,” Vallelong insisted.

Vallelong said in the wake of the killing, he has “anger directed at those who have forsaken the rules and systems of law, thereby emboldening the criminal element to unprecedented proportions.”

In January, NYC Mayor Eric Adams vetoed the ludicrous “How Many Stops” act—which requires that officers detail every single encounter they have with the public, obviously leaving them forced to focus more on paperwork and less on fighting crime—but the city council overrode the veto.

Paul DiGiacomo, the president of the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association, ripped the council for the action, saying it was a sign that their goal is to “destroy the world’s greatest police department.”

Vallelong was also infuriated by all the social media posts by those who expressed sympathy for Diller even as they’ve consistently worked to undermine police.

“As I read the news and social media posts written by many New York City Council members, it enrages me how hollow and untrue their words of sympathy and empathy are,” he said.

“Those in the Council who have declared war on the police should be the ones…investigated by an outside agency for every legislative mistake and misstep they make,” Vallelong added.

“Despite their admonitions to the contrary, the ‘leadership’ in the Council has failed city residents, workers, and visitors at every turn. They are blinded by their own hatred and twisted ideology,” he claimed.

The funeral is scheduled for Saturday. Diller leaves behind a wife and a one-year-old son.

Vallelong charged the council members who might come would use the funeral as a “photo-op,” and they’d shed “crocodile tears. 

He’s right—it’s awfully difficult to empathize with the anti-police, “criminal justice reform” crowd who continually undermine our safety and then post heart emojis online when the obvious consequences of their policies inevitably occur.

Jonathan Diller should be alive today, and his killer, 34-year-old career criminal Guy Rivera, should have been staring at concrete walls, not hanging out in Queens, free as a bird.

How many more tragedies will we have to see before the public in New York and other cities demands accountability and gets rid of these leftist, soft-on-crime menaces in our governments?


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