New York radio hosts learn live on air producer booked wrong Randy Moss

A radio spot in New York almost went awry on Tuesday, but one of the show’s hosts saved an awkward interview from happening.

WFAN’s “Boomer and Gio,” the No. 1 morning show in New York, is broadcasting on site in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

In the media world, Super Bowl week is when loads of interviews are requested and made. It’s not uncommon at all for non-local athletes to appear on shows outside their own market.

It also should be noted that the show is simulcast nationally, so, despite the New York focus, everyone in the country is able to watch “Boomer and Gio.”


Randy Moss in 2020

Randy Moss was booked for a New York radio show. But not that Randy Moss (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Well, the show booked Randy Moss for an interview —but not that Randy Moss.

One of the show’s hosts, Gregg “Gio” Giannotti,” conveniently asked the show’s producer, Al “Dukes” Hughes, what Moss was promoting. Hughes, who booked Moss, said “something having to do with horse racing.”

Right away, Gio sensed trouble.

“Are you sure this is the right — not the other Randy Moss?” Giannotti asked.

“Is there another Randy Moss?” replied Hughes.

There sure is — aside from the legendary wide receiver, “the other” Randy Moss is a horse racing analyst for NBC, who conveniently used to work for the NFL Network and covered several Super Bowls.

Randy Moss

The other Randy Moss is a horse racing analyst (Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal)

“Please tell me that’s fake,” Hughes pleaded.

Gio responded, “This is horrible. You booked the white Randy Moss!”

Hughes felt duped, saying whoever pitched Moss was “misleading.”

“In all fairness, this person has got to say, ‘Just to be clear, this isn’t take-the-top-off-the-defense Randy Moss,'” Hughes said, saying he’ll have “no problem” canceling the appearance. “You can’t say NFL Network, talk about NFL, NFL, and then you’re rolling out a horse racing Randy Moss. That’s so fugazi.”

Gio admitted he wishes he hadn’t asked what Moss was promoting, just to see everyone’s reaction to “the white Randy Moss” arriving.

“If a white-balded guy like me showed up and said, ‘I’m Randy Moss’ for the interview, I’d be like, ‘What?’” Hughes said. “I wonder how many people have this Randy Moss booked thinking they’re gonna get number 84.”

Hughes even gave some insight into his conversation with Moss’ rep, seemingly taking a bit of fault.

“I’m looking at my emails,” Hughes said. “They go, ‘Did you need a headshot and bio?’ I’m like, ‘No, we know who Randy Moss is. We’re all good.’ ‘Do I need his bio?’ No, he was a great receiver. I wrote back, ‘We all know who Randy Moss is.’”

Randy Moss as an analyst

Football: ESPN analyst Randy Moss on field before Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York Giants game at Raymond James Stadium. Tampa, FL  (Simon Bruty/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)


What made it even better is Gio is a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan who brought a photo of him meeting Moss in Turks and Caicos.

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