New RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump Says 2020 Election Is 'in the Past' – Will Donald Trump Agree?

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Newly elected Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump said on Tuesday that the GOP is past litigating the 2020 presidential election and ready to move forward. “I think we’re past that. I think that’s in the past,” she told NBC News.

The past is the past, and unfortunately, we had to learn a couple of hard lessons in 2020. Believe me, we are applying them all across this country in every single state, and we want to ensure that, indeed, every single legal vote is counted.

But are Republicans really ready to move forward? 

And move forward to what? Lara Trump told the Washington Examiner:

We don’t have one day of voting, we don’t have paper ballots, we don’t have voter ID everywhere. We have to play the hand that we’re dealt. We’ve been playing checkers, and the Democrats have been playing chess. 

We need to be doing legal ballot harvesting — something that has never been done by the RNC, but I can promise you will be a huge part of what we’re planning to do,” she added. “And then come Election Day, and you’ll see that, I think, it’s not just about having poll watchers. It’s about having trained poll watchers and lawyers at locations around the country as necessary. And these are people who will be trained and able to physically count how many ballots are coming in. And how many ballots are going out.

Lara Trump now says the RNC will increase its work on early and absentee voting while launching its first-ever “legal ballot harvesting” initiative, in which third parties collect and submit ballots for other voters in states where that is legal.

To Mrs. Trump’s point, the Democrat Party now plays an election season game while the Republican Party continues to play the traditional election day game. As long as that reality continues, the Democrats will likely continue to have the edge, particularly if untold numbers of Republicans allow their skepticism regarding the 2020 election to keep them from voting and beating the Democrats at their own game. 

That skepticism might help some people rationalize a loss, but it doesn’t change the reality of early voting, mail-in ballots, legal ballot harvesting — and election outcomes. 

Call it “life on life’s terms,” if it helps — but if a party wants to change voting laws, that party must be in the majority. 

While Lara Trump agrees with “all of the above,” the salient question is, does her father-in-law? She told NBC she thinks he does:

Well, I actually think if you talk to him right now, you will see that he is very much embracing early voting.

I think that the message that the people of this country have sent to Donald Trump, and you saw it in the primaries, is that they want to get out and they want to vote for him as soon as they possibly can. And if that means Day 1 of early voting for people, he’s very happy for them to go out and do it.

Yet, the former president recently said the illegal alien accused of killing Georgia nursing student Laken Riley wouldn’t have been in the U.S. “if the election weren’t rigged, because we didn’t allow people like that into our country.”

While the second half of Trump’s claim was demonstrably true, the first half indicates he may not be fully on board with his daughter-in-law’s strategy. 

The Bottom Line

So again, as Lara Trump hopes, can Donald Trump move past the 2020 election? If he can, not only will he be in a better position; America will be in a better position, as well.

We must not allow four more years of Democrat control of the White House. Vote accordingly. 


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