New meme coin Dogecoin20 pumps 140%; Dogeverse to explode next?

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Dogecoin20, a newly launched Dogecoin-related cryptocurrency, has taken the market by storm as it surged over 140% this week.

However, another new meme coin, Dogeverse, looks to follow in its tracks after raising over $12 million in its presale.

Meme coin season takes shape as DOGE20 explodes

The recently launched Dogecoin20 looks to spearhead the next meme coin season as it soars over 140%.

Dogecoin20 launched on 14 February after a monumentally successful presale, which raised $10 million in one week. 

However, excitement has continued following its DEX launch, and now the community is looking ahead to potential CEX listings.

The project launched on CoinMarketCap on Friday and is currently trading at $0.0001785, up 140% since then. 

It saw a drastic rise on Saturday, jumping from $0.00008 to $0.00012, but bulls have continued to show interest, with the price up 20% today.

Currently, Dogecoin20 holds a $21 million market cap and a $2.4 million 24-hour trading volume.

The recent price explosion was fueled by excitement regarding the CoinMarketCap listing and potential CEX listings that will follow.

“Dogecoin20 now live on CoinMarketCap. CEX listings coming soon” wrote the Dogecoin20 X account on Saturday.

Despite being newly launched, an extensive community is rallying to support the new Dogecoin-inspired meme coin. It boasts over 15K members on its Telegram channel and 19K followers on X.

However, this is no surprise, given the project’s awe-inspiring inception. Throughout its presale, Dogecoin20 was widely hailed as one of the industry’s most promising meme coins.

Leading analyst Jacob Bury speculated it could be the “best meme coin to buy” and a “100x potential crypto.”

The project initially garnered hype due to its novel use case, building on the original Dogecoin’s premise while incorporating new utilities.

Dogecoin20 is an Ethereum-native meme coin, integrating staking and a capped supply to bolster its price stability and long-term potential.

Its proximity to Dogecoin and contemporary innovations laid the way for staggering growth.

However, another emerging project primed for similar success is Dogeverse, a multichain meme coin with staking. 

New meme coin to watch: Dogeverse raises $12m 

Having raised over $12 million so far, Dogeverse might be the next presale meme coin to explode.

The market’s insatiable Dogeverse appetite relates to its unprecedented case: launching on the six hottest smart contract-enabled blockchains for widespread accessibility.

It is already available on Ethereum, Avalanche, Base, BSC, and Polygon and will launch on Solana shortly.

This novel multichain functionality encapsulates the positive and indiscriminate nature of meme coins, inviting users from all blockchains to unite under one banner.

Another compelling advantage to its multichain approach is negating the risk of users migrating from one chain to another, helping ensure its long-term potential.

Dogeverse also offers a staking mechanism, currently providing a variable APY of 91%. This will decrease as more tokens are staked, so those looking to maximize their investment potential should act quickly.

Like Dogecoin20, analysts are vying for Dogeverse to soar following its exchange launch.

“Dogeverse can 100x and fly to the moon,” said Roshawn Silva in a recent YouTube video.

Investors can buy DOGEVERSE for $0.000303, but this will rise throughout the presale. The next uptick will occur in five hours or when the total raise hits $12.9 million.

To learn more about this project, visit the Dogeverse presale website. 

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