NCIS’ Katrina Law, Brian Dietzen Tease ‘Speed Bumps’ for Jess, Jimmy Romance

Katrina Law and Brian Dietzan Tease How NCIS Finale Will See Jess and Jimmy s Relationship Hitting Some Speed Bumps 614
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NCIS stars Katrina Law and Brian Dietzen are teasing rough waters ahead for their characters’ romance ahead of the season 21 finale.

“We’re gonna see what happens with [Jimmy and Jess’] relationship as it hits some speed bumps,” Dietzen, 46, exclusively told Us Weekly during the CBS Fall Schedule Celebration on Thursday, May 2. “And we see things bubble to the surface maybe that that have been held down a little bit.”

Jessica Knight (Law) and medical examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Dietzen) first sparked an interoffice romance during season 20. When season 21 premiered in February, the pair hit a setback when Jessica’s dad came to visit and pointed out that a relationship wasn’t in her initial plan to become a boss at NCIS.

While Jessica assured Jimmy at the time that she was happy working in her current position, it looks like the duo aren’t in the clear just yet.

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The season 21 finale, which airs on Monday, May 6, will seemingly address their issues, with Law noting that there are “a lot of wounded souls” on the CBS procedural that are still “healing from something” in their past.

“I think what you’re gonna see from Jess is that maybe some of the things that she thought she suppressed maybe some of the things that she is worried about Jimmy Palmer going through she’s starting to realize maybe I’m still going through it myself,” she told Us. “And you’re gonna see how that’s gonna relate to each other.”

Law added that she would love to see her character “grow” when season 22 comes around, hoping that moving past her trauma will help her find her “own path.” (The show was renewed for season 22 in April.)

Dietzen, meanwhile, teased that viewers can expect more than just romantic drama.

“We got danger. Like, real mortal danger and also emotional danger that our characters are being put through,” he told Us. “No character is safe in the NCIS world. We could lose a character or two within the episode and when that happens? It throws everything into flux, the relationships and everything.”

Katrina Law and Brian Dietzan Tease How NCIS Finale Will See Jess and Jimmy s Relationship Hitting Some Speed Bumps 615
Michael Yarish/CBS

Despite putting viewers through a series of ups and downs, Dietzen promised that Monday’s finale will have a “beautiful” story. The scene work that I’ve seen from some of my castmates, specifically Katrina, is incredible,” he told Us. “It’s one of the best finales we’ve had in years. Just years and years.”

While their characters may be at odds on screen, Law and Dietzen couldn’t be more in sync as actors. Law called Dietzen one of her “favorite” people to work with, crediting his ability to be “so present” on screen.

“I know that anytime I lob the ball at him he’s gonna hit right back. So it’s a joy to work with him,” she said, joking that the actor is also “a lot smarter” than her and often teaches her lessons, like “not to eat the yellow snow.”

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been doing wrong my entire life,’” she quipped.

Dietzen, for his part, gushed over how the writers have crafted a relationship with Jess and Jimmy that is about “two people who actually talk about what they’re feeling” instead of just watching them “make eyes at each other from across the room for eight years until one gets on a plane and they kiss.”

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Dietzen admitted that classic tropes can “really work” in TV, it’s just not something NCIS is interested in doing when it comes to Jess and Jimmy’s romance.

“Our show has already done it and we’re like, we don’t want to maybe replay that note,” he explained. “So it’s been wonderful to discover what this very adult relationship means as we communicate with each other. And there is no one better to do it with than then Katrina.”

The NCIS season 21 finale airs on CBS Monday, May 6, at 9 p.m. ET.

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