My Roman Empire Is This Kitschy ’90s Jelly Tote

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One of the most exciting parts of living through the ’90s (showing my age here) was all the fun jelly-inspired fashion options there were. In fact, I think about it a lot. It’s kind of my Roman empire, as I mentioned in the title here – I remember my favorite pair of jelly shoes and jelly bracelets growing up, and all the blisters I’d get from wearing them. Didn’t matter because it was ~fashion~, so it was all about how the jellies matched my favorite dress and not how they made my feet hurt.

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I also had a jelly purse I had found at a thrift store, which was more from the ’80s, but it was endlessly fascinating to me because it was something I had never considered that could actually be crafted from the material. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a jelly tote bag in 2024. It felt like going on some sort of archaeological dig and finding a great discovery.

The No Boundaries Lattice Jelly Tote Bag is just $18 right now at Walmart, and you’re definitely going to wand to get your own. It’s exactly what it looks like: a tote, but made out of hardy jelly materials. It comes in Black, White, Aqua Summer (light blue) and Bright Flamingo (pink), and has a long strap that you can carry it with so you can bring all your stuff to the pool with you without worrying about it getting drenched, like you would with a regular tote bag. It’s all plastic!

Get the No Boundaries Lattice Jelly Tote Bag for just $18 at Walmart! 

Of course, for many of us it’s far too cold right now to use as a beach tote. You don’t have to do so, because it can work as a regular tote too! You’ll just look extra cool strutting your stuff with this fun tote that looks totally unlike what everyone else has right now.

Get the No Boundaries Lattice Jelly Tote Bag for just $18 at Walmart!

It only has to be winter outside – you can have tons of fun planning outfits and wearing interesting things when you get pieces like this one. And for just $18, it’s well worth it to buy one or two if you think about going back to the days of jellies like I do. I can’t get enough of ’em. So take this piece of pop culture history and run with it, why not?

Get the No Boundaries Lattice Jelly Tote Bag for just $18 at Walmart!

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