MindTravel: This Small Business Connects People With Meditation, Music, and Nature

Have you ever wanted to start a small business that would help people feel better? The personal wellness industry is a fast-growing space within the global economy, as people look for ways to enjoy better physical, mental, and emotional health. Especially after the stress, isolation, and illness of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people in America, and all over the world, want to pay for products and services that help them get healthier and feel good.

One intriguing small business that is helping people with their mental and emotional wellness is MindTravel, founded by Murray Hidary, a musician, composer, and meditation expert. Let’s look at what bringing mindfulness to small businesses could mean for the global economy — and what other entrepreneurs can learn from MindTravel.

Growing market for wellness and mindfulness products

According to data from McKinsey, the global market for wellness products and services is $1.5 trillion, with 5%-10% annual growth. This is a big opportunity for small businesses that can help people achieve higher levels of health and wellness. Mindfulness is one specific new category of growth within the global market for wellness products and services that was identified by McKinsey’s research.

Mindfulness is part psychology, part spirituality. Mindfulness can involve helping people feel mentally calm, reduce stress, be more aware of their emotions and attitudes, and achieve emotional stability and clarity. Some ways of including mindfulness in a wellness routine can include therapy, meditation, and stress-relief practices.

McKinsey also found that more than half of consumers want to prioritize achieving better mindfulness, and about half said that they wished more mindfulness products and services were available.

How MindTravel helps customers achieve mindfulness

Murray Hidary founded MindTravel (www.mindtravel.com) to combine music, meditation, and nature. This small business offers a series of live, music-driven mindfulness experiences and downloadable programs to help people enjoy the benefits of meditation — even beginners. MindTravel has hosted experiences in over 100 cities, with over 150,000 people participating.

Some of MindTravel’s meditation and music experiences include:

Silent walks

Groups of people listen to Murray Hidary’s piano music on headphones, while walking and meditating together in nature. This is a unique way to experience music, the outdoors, and meditation all at once.


Listen to live piano music via headphones while enjoying an outdoor setting like a beach, park, or hillside. Murray Hidary’s MindTravel creates communal experiences with music-driven meditation and fresh air.

Underwater meditations

Some MindTravel events happen at pools, where you can float in the water with a group of people while immersing yourself in music and guided meditation. Water meditation can be especially relaxing and restorative, as some people feel it to be like a “return to the womb.”

Mastery courses

In addition to the MindTravel group events, Murray Hidary also offers personal development and meditation courses. Most of these courses offer a free trial.

Bottom line

Mindfulness and meditation don’t have to be a solitary endeavor. MindTravel offers a unique way to experience meditation, music, and nature in a group setting, guided by beautiful piano compositions. If you’d like to learn more about meditation or try a fun experience for a night out, check out MindTravel (mindtravel.com).

Do you feel like you have unique skills and perspectives that could be useful in starting a business in the mindfulness or wellness space? McKinsey’s research says that this field is growing fast; many people are tired of feeling sad, stressed, and lonely, and they need your help!

Healing the world can sometimes start with a single step and a simple act of human connection. Small businesses that help people with wellness and mindfulness could be part of a much larger service that our world needs more than ever.

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