Martha Stewart Does the Unthinkable, Cancels Her Thanksgiving Dinner

Terrible news for Martha Stewart’s closest family and friends: Thanksgiving is canceled.

The lifestyle guru, 82, revealed during a Thursday, November 16, interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show that she is simply opting out of the holiday this year. “I gave up Thanksgiving. I canceled,” Stewart told host Kelly Clarkson. “Nine guests canceled because somebody got sick. So … I called up my chef friend and I said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving.’”

Stewart went on to say that she’s had enough turkey anyway after spending most of this month prepping poultry for her various business interests. “I’ve also cooked, like, 14 turkeys already for my TV show, and I still have to do one more turkey I think on the Today show,” she explained. “So, forget it. I’m turkeyed out.”

While she’s not cooking her own bird, Stewart hasn’t entirely given up on the concept of Thanksgiving. “I’m going to about five different homes to taste different courses,” she explained, striking fear in the hearts of everyone imagining what it would be like to have Stewart drop by to taste-test your cranberry sauce.

“Those friends must be so stressed out,” Clarkson, 41, joked.

Martha Stewart Does the Unthinkable and Cancels Her Thanksgiving Dinner 2

Martha Stewart
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Stewart did little to ease any anxiety her friends may be feeling, quipping, “Oh, I hope so.”

Stewart didn’t specify which friends she’ll be going to see on Turkey Day, but Us Weekly is holding out hope that she’ll stop by Snoop Dogg’s house. The duo formed an unlikely friendship in the late aughts after the rapper, 52, appeared on her talk show several times.

The twosome later teamed up for the variety show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, which aired from 2016 to 2020. Each episode featured the pair facing off in cooking challenges with help from celebrity guests like Kelly Rowland, Matthew McConaughey and Octavia Spencer.

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Friends come in all shapes and sizes — but we were surprised to learn of these celeb friendships. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg first connected in 2008 when Snoop appeared on Stewart’s show Martha. Their chemistry was easy to see and led to their own cooking show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. “This is magic right […]

“I like his laid-back energy,” Stewart said of Snoop during a 2019 joint interview on the Today show. “I like his outspokenness. I like his sense of timing.”

Snoop, meanwhile, said he feels so much affection for Stewart that he’s envious of other people who get to spend time with her. “I love Martha, like, I love her for real,” he explained. “Like, when I see her away from me, I get jealous when I see other people with her. But then I have to understand, she’s Martha Stewart, so she has to give the world what they want.”

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