Makeup Brand Youthforia Is Under Fire for New Dark Foundation Shade

Influencers React to Makeup Brand Youthforia s Darkest Foundation Shade Tar in a Bottle
Courtesy of Golloria/TikTok; Courtesy of Awuoi Matiop/TikTok

Makeup brand Youthforia is facing backlash for their new dark foundation shade.

Youthforia unveiled The Date Night Skin Tiny Serum Foundation in the shade Deep Neutral (660) last month. The color comes months after fans complained that there were no diverse tone options, with Deep Neutral With Cool Undertones (495), a bronzed shade, being the deepest hue.

Since the shade’s release, influencers have taken to TikTok to express outrage over the product.

“When we say that we want you to make shades for us, we don’t mean to go to the lab and ask for Minstrel Show Black,” influencer Golloria George said via social media media on Tuesday, April 30. George blended the foundation onto her forehead and cheek, showing viewers how it closely resembled black paint. “Tar in a bottle,” George called the tint.

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George continued, “What we mean is, to take the browns that you have made, create undertones and do what you need to do in the lab so it’s a darker shade of brown This needs to be pulled off the shelves … Who is that color?”

Influencers React to Makeup Brand Youthforia s Darkest Foundation Shade Tar in a Bottle
Courtesy of Golloria/TikTok

In October 2023, George tried out what was the darkest shade at the time, Deep (495). “In 2023 for this to be your darkest shade … let’s take a step back,” she said.

A second influencer, Awuoi Matiop, also reviewed Youthforia’s Deep Neutral (600) foundation, calling the product “a crime.”

Influencers React to Makeup Brand Youthforia s Darkest Foundation Shade Tar in a Bottle
Courtesy of Golloria/TikTok

“This is what we get when we ask to be included in the beauty industry?” she said applying the product, demonstrating that it’s too dark for her. Matiop, who is Sudanese, continued, “We are some of the darkest people on this planet. If you cannot find anyone among us to match this shade, just know this is not a foundation, neither a skin tint.”

Fans agreed with Matiop in the comments section.

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“I don’t understand why companies aren’t understanding pigment,” one follower wrote, as another added, “OH MY GOD. I’m so sorry this is even a thing.” A third social media user commented, “It’s the fact that Youthforia claimed this was for your skin tone. And you can clearly tell the lack of warmth the foundation has but desperately needs..”

Youthforia has not returned to Us Weekly’s request for comment.

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