Maggie Haberman Reveals Why Donald Trump Keeps Closing His Eyes In Court

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman on Wednesday confirmed reports that former President Donald Trump keeps nodding off during his hush money trial are “100% true.”

“I’ve seen it, people around him have confirmed to me that he has been sleeping at times that we have said he is,” Haberman told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

But the presumptive GOP nominee isn’t always in dreamland when his eyes are closed, she added.

“Sometimes he is closing his eyes — and I’ve talked to people around him about this too — because that is how he tries to just basically stay calm and deal with it,” Haberman explained.

“And whether that then leads to sleep or whatever, who knows, but he is sitting there with his eyes closed for long periods of time. It’s not always sleeping,” she added.

Collins said she’d “noticed this” when in the courtroom.

Trump is “very clearly awake but his eyes are closed for a minute at a time, […] it’s like he doesn’t want to hear what they are saying,” the CNN anchor suggested.

Haberman replied, “I think it’s a compartmentalization method and he’s pretty good at compartmentalizing.”

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