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Lucky Bounce by Cait Nary

Lucky Bounce

by Cait Nary

I am no stranger to m/m hockey romances and I’ve reviewed a few here. This one has been on my TBR for a while and my library hold finally came in yesterday. Yes, I read it that quickly, folks. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I devoured it.

Ezekiel Boehm, or Zeke as he is more commonly known, is a gym teacher at a relatively posh private school. (The school is a Quaker one and has fantastic politics.) He’s also a huge hockey fan, specifically of Spencer McLeod. He owns four of his jerseys, he daydreams about him, he watches all his interviews. Serious fan. So who is the new child in his class? None other than Spencer’s five-year-old daughter.

The first part of the book involves Zeke trying his best not to freak out too badly that his idol is talking to him, inviting him to games, etc. It was tough at this stage to imagine Zeke being anything other than a starstruck fan. The book does a masterful job of showing the fan element slowly fading away and being replaced by a relationship of two equals.

The journey to that status is punctuated with some seriously witty banter. Zeke has a flair for the dramatic sometimes and Spencer’s mumbled, shy, on-the-surface-abrupt utterances are charming rather than annoying. Spencer’s emotions are primarily communicated in half smiles and blushes. It’s very endearing.

As for plot, this book focuses on small events that lead to love like when Zeke helps prepare Spencer for this turn at leading the reading circle. Or Zeke helping Spencer choose a dog to adopt. What this book did differently to others is that there’s no tension building up to a dark moment that tests their relationship or commitment. It just kind of ends. Before this book I would have sworn up and down that I don’t enjoy reading the dark moments of books, but this book has made me rethink that stance. I really missed some indication that their relationship can withstand a test of some sorts.

If you’re looking for a book that will make you swoon from the giddiness of falling in love, then this book will hit the spot. Just don’t be too surprised when it ends abruptly.

– Lara

“Lucky Bounce is a funny and charming hockey romance that I couldn’t put down.” – Rachel Reid, USA Today Bestselling author of Time to Shine

A single dad pro hockey player falls for his biggest fan—who just happens to be his five-year-old daughter’s teacher—in this fun, flirty romantic comedy from Cait Nary

Ezekiel Boehm is no stranger to teaching kids with famous parents. But when the pro hockey player he’s been thirsting after walks into the Rittenhouse Friends School gym hand in hand with a tiny kindergartener, he figures he must be hallucinating. Spencer McLeod is a lot of things—Zeke’s favorite winger on the Philadelphia Liberty; a menace on the ice; a mumbling, reluctant but somehow captivating-as-hell postgame interview—but he’s not a dad. Except he is. Apparently.

Zeke can be chill about this. He can.

Surprisingly, the more time he spends with Spencer, the easier this becomes. School volunteer events turn into reserved seats at games, turn into…more. And even though Zeke is 100 percent committed to ignoring Spencer’s blush, to ignoring the way he looks in that one pair of gray sweatpants, he can’t take his eyes off him.

This can never work. Can it?

Contemporary Romance, LGBTQIA, Romance
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