Kylie Kelce Prioritizes a 'Mom Shutdown' Walk to Stay in Shape

Kylie Kelce is breaking down how she prioritizes her own health while raising three children.

“I do, like, a little ‘mom shutdown’ and I have the babysitter come a little bit earlier in the morning. Then, I actually go and walk for quite some distance just to clear my head,” Kylie, 31, told EatingWell magazine in an interview published on Friday, February 9, noting that she’s an “Asics girlie” when it comes to sneakers. “It gives you perspective and you can get some energy out, you can clear your head, get some fresh air and do it without children because I think that sometimes that plays into your health and well-being to take that time for yourself.”

She continued, “I also think that it’s a good example for our girls that I’m going out to exercise and making sure that activity is part of our day. Once it gets warmer, we’ll go on long walks together where we’ll go find a leaf of this color or a big stick and a medium stick, we do that sort of stuff.”

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Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, is his — and the Philadelphia Eagles’ — No. 1 cheerleader. “I am like an Eagles fan to the extent of, like, if Jason ever went and played for another team, I would wear ‘Kelce,’ I would not wear another team’s stuff,” Kylie quipped in Jason’s Kelce documentary, which premiered […]

Kylie and husband Jason Kelce, who wed in 2018, share three daughters: Wyatt, 4, Ellie, 2, and Bennett, 11 months.

Jason, 36, is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kylie often supports him on game day at Lincoln Financial Field.

“My go-to in the stadium is probably [Chickie’s and Pete’s] Crabfries. Or the braided pretzels, they’re so good,” Kylie told EatingWell of her favorite snacks. “At home, I would say probably a tomato pie, and if you want to get more specific, a Carlino’s tomato pie — [I’m a] big fan. But then the best way to balance out all of the salty snacks is having a couple Lindor truffles.”

Kylie Kelce Reveals Her Go-To Snacks That Can Make the Perfect Game Day Spread Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce
Lisa Lake/Getty Images

She noted, “I think the best thing about this sort of idea of adding them to your game day spread is that all of the snacks you talk about for game day are usually salty or savory, so to add in a little pop of chocolaty bliss is perfection.”

Jason, 36, and the Eagles finished their season last month, but that doesn’t mean he and Kylie are done with football for the year. The couple are set to attend the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11, to cheer on Jason’s younger brother, Travis Kelce, who is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Courtesy of Kylie Kelce/Instagram Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie Kelce, are proud parents of three — and they wouldn’t have it any other way. The Philadelphia Eagles center married Kylie in April 2018 nearly three years after matching on dating app Tinder. Less than one year after their nuptials, they welcomed eldest daughter Wyatt […]

While Kylie is a diehard Eagles fan, she also supports her daughters’ beloved “Uncle Trav” and the Chiefs. Kylie joined Jason and her in-laws, Donna Kelce and Ed Kelce, at the Missouri team’s playoff games in January. They sat in a private suite alongside Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Jason and Kylie’s daughters, however, will not be traveling to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

“They will be at home. [They stay home] as long as Dad’s not playing,” Kylie told People earlier this month. “I think it’s a little bit controversial, but even during regular season games, I don’t take the girls to every game. They’re still very young. A stadium with thousands of people can be overwhelming, and there’s three of them. It can get hectic, it’s just a lot.”

In addition to supporting both Kelce brothers on the field, Kylie also makes sure that her kids are eating balanced meals.

“Getting toddlers to eat anything is like pulling teeth,” she joked on Friday. “They will eat something one day and the next day they’re like, ‘I don’t know why you thought I would even look at that.’ The perfect example is meatballs. Last night, for instance, [Wyatt] ate six meatballs. [Ellie] didn’t touch them, wouldn’t even look at them, but had a lot of pasta with extra Parmesan cheese. And [Bennett] is like a garbage disposal, she will eat anything you put in front of her.”

Kylie noted that she typically ends up making “something with pasta” that leans “in the direction of ‘the girls might eat it.’”

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