Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Having Her Ovaries Removed Post-Tumor

Kris Jenner Cries About Having Her Ovaries Removed Due to a Tumor, Hints at More Health Issues

Kris Jenner
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Kris Jenner opened up about preparing to have her ovaries removed — and it doesn’t seem like her health issues stop there.

During the Thursday, July 4, episode of The Kardashians, Kris, 68, sat her daughters Khloé Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner down for a chat about an upcoming procedure.

“I went to the doctor and I had my scan. They found — and this just makes me really emotional — a cyst and a little tumor on my ovary,” Kris revealed. “I went to the doctor and I have to have my ovaries taken out.”

The reality star immediately started to cry about the diagnosis, adding, “I’m emotional about it because that’s where all my kids were conceived. That’s where they were grown. This is a very sacred place to me.”

While explaining the next steps, Kris admitted she was still coming to terms with her future.

“The emotional part for me is just having that gone,” she noted. “If I can get through a hip replacement then I can get through this. I am not nervous to be put to sleep but then you go to do it and it is so real. It is also a thing about getting older and it is a sign that we are done with this part of your life. It is a whole chapter that is closed.”

Kris Jenner Cries About Having Her Ovaries Removed Due to a Tumor, Hints at More Health Issues

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Kris became a mother when she expanded her family with Robert Kardashian, whom she was married to from 1978 to 1991. The pair welcomed kids: Kourtney Kardashian, Kim, 43, Khloé, 40, and Rob Kardashian.

After her split from Robert — who passed away in 2003 — Kris found love with Caitlyn Jenner, and the duo share daughters Kendall, 28, and Kylie Jenner. Kris and Caitlyn called it quits in 2013 after two decades of marriage.

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Kris’ children weighed in on her surgery, as well, with Kim telling the cameras, “To have a surgery and remove your ovary is a really big deal. I feel really sad for her. I can’t even imagine being in that situation and how you would feel really scared to be going through that.”

Kourtney, 45, meanwhile, related to her mother’s emotional response. “I totally understand how my mom is feeling because I would feel the same way,” she explained. “It is like your womanly power and it doesn’t mean you are taking away who she is but I would feel this sentimental feeling of what it has created.”

As for Kendall, she couldn’t understand why Kris wasn’t only focused on her health.

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“I get her emotion behind it and that it is sad because she has brought all her kids into the world. But at the same time, what are we going to use those for anymore?” Kendall asked. “If they are potentially hurting you then let’s get them out of there.”

In the trailer for next week’s episode, Kris confided in Kathy Hilton and Faye Resnick about the potential risks, sharing, “It started out as just getting some ovaries removed and then today I got a phone call.”

Tuesday’s episode also featured Kourtney’s attempts to slowly go back to work after welcoming son Rocky with Travis Barker. The rest of the family enjoyed their trip to Colorado, where Kim and Khloé tried to work out their differences when it came to raising their respective kids.

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