Is the Tide Turning? Adam Schiff Voter Switches Her Support to Steve Garvey After His Trip to Israel

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Former Major League Baseball star and current Senate candidate Steve Garvey (R-CA) has gained at least one voter from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and some might think it’s just one voter, so who cares, but if one person has these feelings, more people in the Jewish community likely have the same feelings since Garvey is taking his time to travel to Israel and speak to families there, while Schiff is taking voters for granted. 

Samara Weiner, a lawyer and registered Democrat, told Fox News why she is making the switch from Schiff to Garvey:

He was pandering too much to the far-left of the Democratic Party. It was creating antisemitism, which was leading directly to violence against Jews, my community. I didn’t see Adam Schiff voting for the weapons Israel needs to protect himself.”

If you’re Jewish right now, you’re not happy with the Democratic Party, And we are really ready for someone with some moral clarity … someone who really is going to stand up for us and do the right thing.

Garvey has been a strong supporter of Israel, and he visited the country to meet with Israel Defense Forces Lt. Col Yoni Chetboun, IDF soldiers, as well as the family of Oct. 7 hostage Guy Gilboa-Dalal. 

Garvey told Fox News host Trace Gallagher:

When you’re talking to the people and listening to them, I heard that they needed me to go to places where I could come back with the real answers – whether it’s the border, whether it’s homeless, whether it’s crime on the streets… but recently, it’s about going back to Israel.

Weiner added:

I really respected his [Garvey’s] fearlessness. The Democrat Party is lacking a fearless leader.

Schiff lied to over 300 million Americans, and he seems proud of it, insisting that he did nothing wrong. He focuses on former President Donald Trump more than he focuses on his constituents’ needs and has framed his campaign around Trump instead of policy. 

In the real world, when you are caught lying, especially as much as Schiff, you don’t get a promotion. California has a chance to put Garvey in the Senate, and the former MLB star has stated in the past that he will be a one-term Senator, unlike career politicians like Schiff. 

Garvey added:

The single greatest currency we have is the opportunity vote,” he said, adding he is “proud” of voters like Weiner for standing up against the status quo and listening to their conscience. 

I love this state. I love this country. It’s needed somebody to stand up with political courage.

Weiner is the one who came out and publicly said she switched her vote, but that doesn’t mean she’s the only one. During the primary, Rep. Babara Lee (D) received nine percent of the vote — those voters are anti-Israel who will not vote for Garvey or Schiff. Rep. Katie Porter (D) received 15 percent; however, some voted for Porter just to make sure Schiff didn’t finish in the top two. Now that Schiff is in the top two, those “Porter voters” will go to Garvey. Yes, California is a clear blue state, but crazier things have happened. If Garvey gains more Hispanic voters, as well as Schiff voters, this race will be a lot closer than most expect. 

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