'Impeach!': Alejandro Mayorkas Has an Astonishing Baghdad Bob Moment When Questioned About Hur Report

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As RedState previously reported, embattled Dept. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas sat down for an interview Sunday with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where among the issues discussed were the border crisis, the House GOP’s attempts to impeach him, and the Hur report.

The Hur report, as we’ve also talked about, has brought about a plethora of frenzied reactions from officials in Joe Biden’s administration, including White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who during the Monday press briefing actually claimed Biden didn’t need to take a cognitive test because he “proves every day how he operates, how he thinks,” an alarming statement if there ever was one.

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But Jean-Pierre’s remarks paled into comparison to the ones Mayorkas made Sunday about Biden, especially considering his role as a Cabinet member and one who is directly involved in high-stakes meetings with the POTUS on any number of major issues that directly impact border states.

Here’s how the exchange between anchor Kristen Welker and Mayorkas went down (bolded emphasis added):

KRISTEN WELKER:We are going to talk about what’s happening on Capitol Hill. But first, I do want to talk about that special counsel report that we just discussed. You obviously work very closely with President Biden as a member of his Cabinet, and I wonder, have you ever seen anything that makes you question or concerned about his mental faculties?

SEC. ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: No. And let me take a step back, because I served as a federal prosecutor for 12 years, Kristen. The responsibility of a federal prosecutor is to investigate and learn the facts and apply the law to those facts. The prosecutor did this. The – the special counsel did this in the case, made a conclusion that there is no case, case closed. Then made gratuitous, unnecessary and inaccurate personal remarks, and those are improper. The most difficult part about a meeting with President Biden is preparing for it because he is sharp, intensely probing, and detail-oriented, and focused.

And in another astonishing Baghdad Bob moment, Mayorkas later said Biden’s Dept. of Justice, which has targeted parents and Joe Biden’s likely general election opponent, has engaged in Hunter Biden favoritism and has looked the other way on neighborhood harassment of conservative Supreme Court Justices, “acts with unflinching integrity.

He put on what could be considered an Academy Award nomination-worthy performance with the “sharp” line in particular. Watch:

I don’t care how powerful a government position you put me in nor the grand things you promised me in return, you could not pay me enough to say some of the things that have been said about Biden from his apologists in the media, on the left, and in his administration over the last several days alone. 

If Mayorkas doesn’t deserve to be impeached for the disastrous job he’s done as the head of the DHS, he deserves to be impeached for that comment. And I’m only half kidding.

I mean this is the guy Mayorkas is talking about, for crying out loud:

Here is the bottom line: Everyone from Vice President Kamala Harris to Jean-Pierre to Mayorkas keeps telling us how Biden is the smartest man in the room, is coherent and engaged. Biden has said his memory “is fine.”

The problem is that Biden himself doesn’t demonstrate this. He couldn’t even do it in the very press conference he held to prove his critics wrong. 

But yet we’re supposed to believe that despite the overwhelming evidence otherwise, behind closed doors Biden is “sharp, intensely probing, and detail-oriented, and focused”? I don’t think so.

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