Immunefi and Ethereum Foundation launch “Attackathon” to enhance security for Ethereum

Immunefi, a Web3 bug bounty platform, and the Ethereum Foundation have joined forces to introduce “Attackathon,” a collaborative audit contest aimed at challenging and enhance the Ethereum network’s security.

The event includes a scheduled code review program to identify bugs in Ethereum’s (ETH) core protocol. The goal is to involve top security researchers in evaluating Ethereum’s security and technology.

Ethereum developers and ecosystem projects have been invited to contribute to the program’s reward pool. The Ethereum Foundation already provided $500,000 for the reward pool to compensate security researchers and developers for identifying security vulnerabilities and bugs.

“The Attackathon will showcase Immunefi’s elite security researcher community, competing to secure the protocol in a time-boxed audit competition with the potential to earn massive rewards, reputation, and glory. Top performing whitehats will have their skills recognized in front of the entire Ethereum community,” Immunefi posted. 

Security innovation

The event will include an educational program designed to enhance and expand the skills of the Ethereum protocol security researcher community.

An Attackathon aims to stress-test the code of an ecosystem and its projects. It identifies and fixes potential vulnerabilities while creating an engaged community of researchers and enthusiasts.

“As part of our efforts to help further secure the Ethereum protocol, we are excited to launch the first audit competition targeting the protocol itself, and can’t wait to see what types of vulnerabilities it will surface,” said Fredrik Svantes, Protocol Security Research Lead at the Ethereum Foundation.

Immunefi has the largest Web3 security community, boasting more than 45,000 researchers. The company has awarded over $100 million in bug bounties, the highest in the software industry, and claims to have safeguarded over $25 billion in user funds.

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