How’s it Going with You?

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Hey there!

I enjoyed our conversation last month so much, I wanted to check in again. I also wanted to show you some of the spring we’ve got going on around here!


My neighbor’s lawn is half covered by lily of the valley, and I want to take the deepest breaths of my life when we walk by. It smells impossibly good.

a close up of my neighbor's lawn which is half lilly of the valley


And then there’s my other neighbor who grows poppies!

I honestly didn’t think they’d grow at my latitude but they’re really happy:

a bright orange-red poppy with flower buds behind it ready to bloom

That’s the first one, and about two days after I took this photo, there were dozens. They’re so pretty!

And finally, the azalea I adore, the one I wait all year to see bloom again has indeed exploded, and the wait was worth it:

an azaela bush from below with nonstop orange-yellow creamsicle colored flowers

I have never seen a yellow-orange creamsicle colored azalea, and I love this one so much. It’s also a lot taller than me, which means it’s been showing off for a long time.

I’m still working on my spring sawtooth star quilt, and a flannel baby quilt as well. I’m also sitting outside and listening to a LOT of audiobooks. Not only did I give myself quilt projects, but I signed up for a dragon stitch a long cross stitch project, and I’m about two dragons behind.

LOL. “Two dragons behind.” That’s going to be my default answer when someone asks, “How are you?” I’m about two dragons behind, thanks!

While I play dragon catchup, I’ve listened to The Ward Witch by Sarah Painter, which was very good in audio, and I’m debating whether to start the next book, The Book Keeper, or try the other Painter series, Crow Investigations, which begins with The Night Raven. 

Now that I’ve taken you on a tour of the flowers in my neighborhood (which should have been a Mr. Rogers song if it wasn’t) let me ask: what’s new with you? Hayadoin?

Are you two dragons behind, too?

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