How Nicky Hilton is Taking Charge and De-Junking Her Life

Us Weekly sat down with mom of three, Nicky Hilton, to dish on a few simple steps she’s taking to de-junk her life and lead by example for her kids.

Do you have any tips or tricks—besides introducing early—to get your kids to eat healthy?

Our kids mirror everything we do. The good and the bad. So, you just have to set a good example. I hate to admit that I didn’t really look at ingredients until I had children and there is just so much junk out there! I keep healthy snacks in my purse like JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars because this is just such a better alternative — it’s made out of 100 % whole grain oats and has lower sugar than other bars out there. I mean, the title says it all!

Tell us about partnering with Junkless Chewy Granola Bars.

They’re just so delicious and they’re easy. I was on the way to school the other day with the girls in New York City, and they see a cart. They’re like, “I want a donut, I want a cookie.” JUNKLESS tastes so good, your kids will love them, I like the OG chocolate chip. My girls actually love the strawberry and the chocolate chip.

The word Junkless, or de-junking your life, what does that mean to you?

It’s spring, so definitely de-junking my home. Just going in the pantry and getting rid of all the old stuff that’s not good for me or expired. Definitely been de-junking my closet!
Also the screens — I’ve been reading all these statistics about the screens and what they are doing to our generation. I’m really on top of it and I know it’s gonna be hard but those kids aren’t getting an iPhone or cell phone until 16.

What are you most looking forward to for spring?

It’s finally warming up in New York City and the flowers are blooming and gearing up for summer, which is really exciting. Lots of travel plans this summer and launching an exciting project with my mom. Lots of good stuff!

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