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Here's the Single Best Way to Save Money on Business-Class Flights

Flying in business class differs significantly from flying in a coach. However, paying the standard ticket price for a business class ticket is beyond the budget of many travelers. The good news is, you don’t have to spend all the funds in your checking account to fly in style. You can score a better deal to experience business class without going broke.

I’ll share the best way to save money on business-class flights so you can make your business air travel goals a reality.

Pay to upgrade your seat after buying an economy ticket

You may know how pricey a business-class ticket can be if you’ve recently researched flight prices. But you can fly in business class even if you don’t initially buy a business-class ticket. One way to score a business-class ticket is to pay for a seat upgrade after you buy an airline ticket for a lower fare.

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Many airlines offer upgrade opportunities to passengers who have already purchased economy tickets. These offers can be found in your airline’s mobile app or by logging into the airline’s website. While offers aren’t always available (all available seats may already be fully booked), a seat upgrade can present a more affordable way to land a business-class ticket.

Seat upgrade prices vary significantly by route, date, and airline. However, a good upgrade deal can save you thousands of dollars on a business-class ticket. As long as you keep your personal finances in mind and never spend beyond your means, it can be smart to upgrade your seat to business class instead of buying a full-price business-class ticket.

My recent experience upgrading to business-class seats

Last December, I lucked out with an affordable business-class seat on a long-haul international flight thanks to an in-app upgrade offer. My husband and I were flying to South America on an overnight route. Since he doesn’t fly nearly as often as I do, I wanted to make the experience as comfortable as possible so we could have a more enjoyable journey.

I monitored the upgrade prices shown in the American Airlines app multiple times a week leading up to our departure date. Surprisingly, seat upgrade prices dropped to just over $650 per person. This was for a one-way seat upgrade, not round-trip.

But at that affordable price, it was well worth the added expense, knowing that we would have a better chance of getting some sleep on our overnight flight. So, I rushed to upgrade our seats. Our travel experience was improved because we had lie-flat seats for the flight. In the future, I plan to check upgrade offers for other flights to see if I can score another deal like this.

Pay attention to seat upgrade offers

As you can see, it pays to stay alert to seat upgrade offers. While you may not want to spend several thousand dollars on a long-haul business-class flight, upgrading your economy ticket to a business-class ticket through a paid seat upgrade offer can be much more affordable. This way, you can enjoy the perks of a business-class ticket without ignoring your budget.

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