Here's the Best Option to Replace Mint for Your Small Business

I’m a longtime customer of Mint, the personal finance app that was formerly part of Intuit. When Intuit announced in 2023 that it was shutting down Mint, I was sorry to hear it. Because, as a freelancer, I loved Mint! Mint was the perfect solution to track my business expenses and my personal finances.

Intuit claimed that Mint’s capabilities would be migrating to Credit Karma, so I signed up for a new Credit Karma account. But I was disappointed. Although Credit Karma has some useful features as a credit monitoring service, I didn’t find its new supposedly “Mint”-like experience to be nearly as good as Mint. This felt frustrating, especially since tax season was approaching.

Fortunately, after extensive research, I found a good Mint replacement! If you’re a small business owner, freelancer, consultant, or solo entrepreneur who needs an easy way to track business expenses, this could be a great solution for you — and it’s worth paying for. It’s called Quicken Simplifi.

Here are a few reasons why Quicken Simplifi is the best Mint replacement that I’ve found.

Easy dashboard

When I tried to use Credit Karma as a Mint replacement, the “Minty” features that I wanted were supposed to be available as part of Credit Karma’s “Net Worth” menu. But it was hard to find; I even had to contact Credit Karma’s support team to find what I was looking for. And even then, it just wasn’t the same as the Mint user experience.

Quicken Simplifi is better. Quicken Simplifi gives me an easy-to-use, clearly visible dashboard of where my money is going, based on linked bank accounts. It “feels” like Mint, in the best possible way. I loved Mint because it gave me a clear view of the big picture of my business (and personal) finances, all in one place. Quicken Simplifi helped me regain that sense of control and visibility.

Customizable categories for business expenses

Quicken Simplifi makes it simple to create customized categories and sub-categories for your transactions. This is especially important for business expenses. For example, if you want to track how much you’re spending on software, shipping, or marketing costs, you can tag the transactions with exactly the right labels that make sense for your business and tax planning purposes.

And just like Mint, by interacting with Simplifi, you help the software get “smarter” over time so it recognizes recurring expenses. It took me less than an hour to tag most of my recurring monthly business spending in exactly the way I wanted, so now each month I get reliable, clear, well-sorted records of my tax-deductible business expenses.

Downloadable transactions for tax season

This sounds simple, but it was an incredibly important thing for me: every year when I file taxes, I need to provide my accountant with spreadsheets of my business expenses, sorted by category. I couldn’t figure out how to get downloadable transactions from the new Credit Karma “Mint replacement” features. This was a dealbreaker for me. I have to get my transactions in a CSV format that’s compatible with Excel and Google Sheets.

Good news: Quicken Simplifi has downloadable transactions! You can categorize, sort, download, and share your transactions with your accountant to make tax time easier for everyone.

Is Quicken Simplifi right for every small business owner?

Quicken Simplifi is not advertised as a “small business” accounting software solution. If you have a more complex small business with employees, inventory, vendors, sales taxes, and other moving parts that require more advanced features, you probably need a higher-level plan from Quicken, like Quicken Classic: Business and Personal, or another more robust accounting tool, like Intuit QuickBooks®.

But if you’re a freelancer, independent professional services consultant, or solopreneur, Quicken Simplifi might be everything you need to sort out your small business taxes and your everyday personal finances. Quicken Simplifi gave me everything I loved about Mint, and it only costs $3.99 per month when billed annually (as of March 29, 2024).

Bottom line

Quicken Simplifi is a Mint replacement that’s worth paying for. It can also be a good tool for some small business owners. If you don’t need more advanced accounting software, Quicken Simplifi can give you everything that most people need for everyday personal finance tracking and tracking business expenses.

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