Green Bitcoin debuts on Uniswap with future CEX listings in sight

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After raising $9.6 million through its ICO, Green Bitcoin is set to debut on Uniswap DEX today at 1 PM UTC, with a CEX listing on the horizon.

After raising $9.6 million through its ICO, Green Bitcoin will launch on Uniswap at 1 pm (UTC) on Thursday, 4 April 2024. The event will take place after a successful presale that raised $9.6 million in one month.

Shortly after, the project will launch on CEXs and implement a significant upgrade to its protocol. Launching on CEXs opens Green Bitcoin’s cornerstone predict-to-earn mechanism to the broader market.

The CEX launch announcement will occur one week after its Uniswap launch (April 10, 2024). At this time, information is limited about what the announcement will entail, but the token is set to launch on CEXs one day after, April 11, 2024.

Plans are in the works for its protocol upgrade to take place on April 18, 2024, providing a runway for market participants to buy GBTC ahead of the big transition. As per its recent tweet, the “real work” starts once the Uniswap launch occurs, forging an exciting outlook for the trending Bitcoin alternative. 

However, while its name shares similarities with the market leader, Green Bitcoin’s novel approach to utility and environmental action sets it apart. Newcomers to the Green Bitcoin protocol can stake their tokens for access to its novel predict-to-earn feature. This feature enables users to earn GBTC by predicting things like whether Bitcoin’s price will rise or fall the next day.

Getting started is easy; users buy and stake GBTC, and then they can access the prediction model from the Green Bitcoin protocol. In addition to accessing the predict-to-earn mechanism, stakers can earn passive rewards. Currently, rewards are valued at a 63% APY, but this falls as the staking pool grows.

An eco-friendly Bitcoin alternative

Green Bitcoin encapsulates Bitcoin’s scarcity-driven tokenomics, with a 21 million capped supply and a carefully engineered emissions schedule. However, it differs from Bitcoin in its approach to emissions.

While Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work model rewards miners with BTC for doing “Work” (at the expense of vast wasted energy), Green Bitcoin launched on Ethereum, leveraging its Proof-of-Stake, which rewards validators for securing the network with ETH rather than energy. 

This innovation marks a monumental shift in the public’s perception of crypto. Green Bitcoin’s website explains that one Bitcoin transaction uses 1,173,000 Wh of energy, while a Green Bitcoin transaction uses just 34 Wh.

As such, mainstream media outlets, which typically promote environmental protection, have widely embraced Green Bitcoin. Despite not yet launching on exchanges, it has been featured by media heavyweights like Yahoo Finance, The Economic Times, CoinGape, Captainaltcoin, and Crypto Potato.

Bitcoin halving inches closer

The Green Bitcoin exchange launch is occurring in a timely manner, with the Bitcoin halving just 14 days away. Bitcoin’s halving is a four-year event in which the amount of BTC rewarded to miners is slashed in half. This halves the amount of new BTC entering the market, causing a supply and demand discrepancy that has historically ignited a widespread cryptocurrency bull market. 

Adding to the excitement is interest in the new Bitcoin spot ETFs, which entered the market in January. Some analysts dub this a ‘double halving,” suggesting that the halving supply shock is bolstered by an ETF demand shock.

Indeed, this sets a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, but crypto traders want one thing, and that’s profit. As such, many will rotate out of Bitcoin as the price climbs, deploying their capital into higher-risk, higher-reward altcoins.

While its potential remains to be seen, Green Bitcoin’s proximity to Bitcoin and distinct advantages spell a compelling alternative where traders could reallocate their profits.

To learn more, visit Green Bitcoin. Interested users can also follow its X account to stay updated on the latest developments.

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