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Good morning, and welcome to RedState’s “Morning Minute” — a brief glimpse at which stories are trending at the moment and a look ahead at what the day may bring. Consider this your one-stop shop for news to kickstart your day. 


Biden Hilariously Does Holiday Meme of Himself While Hunter and Ashley Get Into the Fireworks

At this point, Biden is just trying to keep his head above water as the pressure on him just continues to mount as more and more calls keep being raised against his candidacy.

Nigel Farage Redux: Reform UK Party Ascendant As British Voters End Conservative Party’s 14-Year Reign

Farage had said he was through with politics but could not stay on the sidelines as the kingdom falters.

BOMBSHELL: Report Reveals Extent of Biden’s Mental Collapse, Including Terrifying Quotes From Friends

The country does not have a president right now. 


Today on Capitol Hill…

Quiet still, other than vulnerable House Dems fleeing the sinking SS Biden. 

White House What’s Up

Fresh off his Fourth of July Follies, President Joe Biden will head to Madison, Wisconsin, Friday afternoon for a campaign event. Then he’ll return to Wilmington, Delaware, presumably for a quiet weekend. His interview with George Stephanopoulos is set to air Friday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern. 

Full Court Press…

In theory, it should be a relatively quiet day in the courts, although the Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to release a couple of highly anticipated decisions Friday regarding the legality of ballot drop boxes and legislative powers. 

Over in the Southern District of New York, Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D-NJ) trial continues. His legal team rested Wednesday without him testifying. His co-defendant, Wael Hana, is expected to call another witness Monday and it remains unclear if the prosecution will be presenting a rebuttal case. Either way, it’s likely the case will go to the jury sometime next week. 


What day is it? I don’t know if it’s a function of getting older or what, but this holiday in the middle of the week stuff really throws me off anymore. It’s Friday…but it feels pretty much like a Monday. Except that a lot of people (yours truly excluded) have the day off and will treat it like a Saturday or Sunday. Me? I’ll be keeping an eye on things here — oh, and filling in for Tony Katz Today over at WIBC from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Eastern if you’re looking for some afternoon radio. 


Alright, I know it’s the Fifth, but this one was too on point not to share…

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