Former GOP Speaker: That Was Only the Left's 'Initial Meltdown' Over Biden—It's Going to Get Much Worse

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There’s an old saying I remember from my Army days, usually applied derisively: “When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” That’s certainly what Democrats are doing, faced as they are now with a rapidly declining presidential candidate and the sudden closure of many a Hollywood ATM.

On Fox News’ “Hannity,” former Speaker Newt Gingrich presented us with some entertaining predictions, should Donald Trump be reelected in November – and it looks like he will.

What it tells you is that the left is literally faced with confronting a reality so terrifying, that they’re just running in circles and saying weird things. The truth is, as of tonight, Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee. Biden is going to keep decaying. Biden will almost certainly lose the general election. And by January, ‘The View’ is going to be in a world where Donald J. Trump is being sworn in as president.

If they stay their present course, that’s more than likely to be the outcome. What’s more, that’s likely to be the outcome at this juncture no matter what they do – they just don’t have anyone else. Now, we might be mistaken; maybe the American electorate in general has lost it more than we are imagining; France just was handed a nasty surprise along those lines, I would remind everyone. The Trump people had better be prepared to sprint to the finish if they want to end up with the result that will have Democrats doing their best impression of a dreidel.

Speaker Gingrich continued:

Now, if you were one of those folks, and you’re as left-wing as they are, and frankly, on a good day, they’re fairly unbalanced. And now you’re faced with this horrifying crisis. We just witnessed the initial meltdown, but I predict, if it happens the way I think, it will all fall, you’ll see Biden get weaker, more embarrassing, more impossible. And by the time we get to the inauguration, you’re going to see the left just literally melt down. Some of them will be in puddles. Others will be admitting themselves into mental health institutions. Some will be fleeing to New Zealand. It’ll be an amazing moment. 

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Mr. Gingrich is absolutely correct; if/when Trump wins his non-consecutive second term, the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left will be epic. The laments will be audible on Europa. The members of the left will be spinning about; they will be, as the saying goes, running in circles, screaming and shouting, and it won’t stop until Trump leaves office in 2029; bear in mind that Democrats in the federal government will engage in a “get Trump” campaign that will make 2017-2021 look like little kids tossing spitballs.

It will be an amazing moment, and if the GOP has any brains at all, it will not rest on its laurels but will work every waking moment from now until November 5th to make it happen. Don’t neglect a single vote in a single state. Trump is already campaigning on Joe Biden’s supposedly safe turf, which is bad for the Biden campaign, but they must remember that there are two things Democrats do very well: Stick together, and turn out their voters.

Important note: New Zealand doesn’t let you in unless you’re willing to work. That means having marketable skills, which probably rules out the members of “The View.”

Spring to the finish, Republicans. Stick together. Vote. Every vote will count. It’s not at all clear that the country can take another four years of this. Let’s make them run around in circles, as Speaker Gingrich predicts.

This seems appropriate.

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