For Stylish, Functional, Comfortable Athleticwear, Check Out G4Free

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Going to the gym isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. However, the energizing feeling of completing a tough workout keeps people (like me) coming back for more. Some days it can feel impossible to drag yourself to the gym. What motivates me to get up off the couch is some stylish, functional and super comfortable activewear. If I like what I’m wearing, it makes me excited to work up a sweat! G4Free has quickly become one of my favorite athleticwear brands. The simple and effective offerings make me feel and look good, plus they can be worn for much more than working out. Check out three of our favorite picks from G4Free that you can get on Amazon and get ready to sweat in style!

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1. G4Free Wide-Leg Loose Yoga Pants

Remember when yoga pants first became all the rage in the early 2010s? Most of the styles were fitted along the thigh then flared out at your knees. Next came the leggings with their skin-tight silhouette. Those who preferred looser, less restrictive options were out of luck . . . until now. G4Free crafted these wide-leg loose yoga pants for those who enjoy the feeling of sweats but don’t necessarily want sweats. These are functional and stylish (yes, you can totally wear them to yoga), but they also offer a bit of street-style chicness that makes them easy to wear out while running errands or chilling with friends.

Just $36!

2. G4Free Women’s UPF 50+ UV Shirt

It may seem counterintuitive to wear a long-sleeve shirt when you’re hiking or running outside — after all, won’t it make you hotter? That’s not the case with this UPF 50+ UV Shirt. First off, the soft breathable fabric is also quick-drying and sweat-wicking, warding off dampness as you trudge up the trail or pound the pavement. The star element of this shirt, though, is the sun protection. With UPF 50+ it blocks out 98% of the sun’s rays to prevent sunburn. Beyond the utility, the flattering side slit design elongates and thins out your legs to boost your confidence!

Just $24!

3. G4Free Short-Sleeve Cropped Workout Top 

I admire the women who confidently work out in nothing but shorts and a sports bra. That life is not for me, though, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate. All the cute workout gear doesn’t have to be skimpy, and this cropped workout top proves that. This loose-fitting top has performance-enhancing qualities like its soft modal-cotton construction that’s super stretchy and moisture-wicking. Wearing this helps keep you dry and prevents overheating so you can have the best sweat sesh of your life. Plus, there’s no denying how versatile it is. You’ll definitely catch me rocking the top with jean shorts during a casual outing this summer.

Just $20!

Looking for something else? Shop more from G4Free here and don’t forget to check out all of Amazon’s Daily Deals for more great finds!

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