Experts predict strong performance for 99Bitcoins presale

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The BRC-20 token ICO from 99Bitcoins is poised to make significant gains in 2024, drawing expert predictions of a 10x increase in value.

The new 99Bitcoins crypto presale is seeing significant hype, with some experts tipping it as the next 10x cryptocurrency. The strong demand for 99BTC is not surprising, considering it is a BRC-20 token, the latest meta in the crypto market. 

Popular analyst Mister Crypto, who has close to 100k X followers, backed BRC-20 as one of the narratives that could make investors rich during this bull cycle. 

Crypto traders believe 99Bitcoins could be a leader in this emerging domain. This is evident from its early fundraising figures as well, considering that the 99BTC presale has already raised over $1.1 million in the first few weeks. 

Learn-to-earn token gains attention

99Bitcoins being a leading brand in the BRC-20 race isn’t a surprise, considering it is one of the oldest and most trusted resources regarding all things Bitcoin

The platform has tutorials on everything from how to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, BTC wallets and the best Bitcoin exchanges. For instance, the 99Bitcoins mining calculator is one of the go-to tools for BTC investors and mining enthusiasts. 

The 99Bitcoins YouTube channel has over 700k subscribers, with its videos on “What is Bitcoin” and “How To Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer” having millions of views. Similarly, the 99Bitcoins website has over 2.8 million subscribers. 

It would not be a stretch to claim that 99Bitcoins has managed to earn a strong community backing. This explains the instant success of its newly launched BRC-20 token, 99BTC. 

The token has already been featured in the most popular crypto publications, including CoinDesk, Techopedia and Cointelegraph. The new cryptocurrency is also witnessing strong hype on social media, fueled by the over 20k followers of the 99Bitcoins X account

Therefore, it is not a far stretch that 99BTC could deliver outsized returns after its launch, especially once the BRC-20 sector starts to explode. 

99BTC token holders eligible for rewards and other benefits

The 99Bitcoin cryptocurrency is designed to maximize the financial benefits of learners and token holders, incentivizing them to take full advantage of the platform’s learn-to-earn resources. 

For instance, all 99BTC token holders can stake their holdings starting from the presale itself. According to the 99Bitcoins staking dashboard, stakers are currently earning a yield of over 1500%. 

True to the project’s learn-to-earn nature, all learners who complete certain set milestones in the 99Bitcoins curriculum will receive 99BTC token rewards.

Furthermore, token holders can unlock more exclusive and premium learning content, become a part of the VIP group and receive mentoring. 

Investors will also receive alpha trading signals and strategies. This benefit in particular could be a game changer, especially in the midst of a bull market. 

99Bitcoins airdrop

The airdrop season is still in full swing and 99Bitcoins has joined the trend. The project has announced an airdrop worth $99,999, set to be distributed to 99 lucky winners. This pans out to over $1000 a winner.

Most projects conduct airdrops using their own native tokens, which result in an immediate sell-off after the claiming period. On the contrary, the 99Bitcoins airdrop winners will receive their allocations in BTC. With the Bitcoin price expected to trade as high as $200k this bull run, the airdrop win could end up being a little fortune for the investors. 

Interested participants simply need to visit and complete a few simple steps to have a chance at over $1000 in Bitcoin. 

99BTC price prediction according to experts

As previously mentioned, experts are bullish on the new 99Bitcoins token, thanks to its BRC-20 narrative as well as learn-to-earn price potential. 

One YouTube trading expert Jacob Bury has recently called 99BTC the next 10x crypto. Meanwhile, influencer Crypto Boy has gone even a step further, signalling the possibility of 100x gains. 

Interested buyers can visit the 99Bitcoins presale website and use the over-the-counter widget to purchase the token. They can either use a bank card or swap ETH, BNB or USDT tokens. However, only ETH buyers will be able to stake their holdings during the presale.

Investors are also advised to follow the 99Bitcoins X, Telegram, and Discord pages to keep up with the latest updates. 

To learn more, visit the 99Bitcoins presale.

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