Ethereum Name Service, GoDaddy partner linking domain names with crypto wallets

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and the internet’s largest domain registry, GoDaddy, have partnered to link internet domains with ENS addresses at no cost.

This collaboration helps merge blockchain technology with conventional internet infrastructure, which could reignite web3 adoption among mainstream players.

Nick Johnson, the founder of ENS, highlighted the simplicity and potential of this integration by stating, “Beyonce owns, and now she can set up a wallet just by going into the GoDaddy page and entering your address. Now is her wallet identifier for all intents and purposes.”

The initiative aims to extend its functionality beyond Ethereum (ETH), with plans to enable the setting of addresses for multiple blockchain networks, thereby broadening the scope of web3 profiles.

Despite an ongoing legal dispute between ENS and GoDaddy over the sale of the ENS domain “,” the partnership underscores a willingness to collaborate on shared visions for the future of naming and web3.

Johnson expressed optimism about the relationship, emphasizing the importance of building on existing systems rather than attempting to reinvent them completely.

The case remains unresolved in court, yet both parties appear committed to collaborative efforts in bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain technologies.

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